Santa Cruz Juice

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Organic, great company, tasty juice

Cons: Tropical kind is a little sweet

Overall, I'm a big fan of Santa Cruz juices.  To start off with, the company has a great sustainability policy (they are organic, they have a green power purchasing policy, they recycle 96% of their waste products).  And beyond that, they're juice is pretty delicious.


I'm a big fan of their rasberry lemonade and their cranberry juice (which come bottled).  In terms of juice boxes...if you've got a kid (big or little) that needs lunch (and your stainless steel reusable water bottle has gone missing of course), Santa Cruz juice boxes are a good option for something a little healthier than traditional juice packs.  Of the juice boxes, I've only had the tropical punch kind.  It's not bad, but it's a wee bit on the sweet side (although that's probably to be expected with tropical punch).

Santa Cruz Juice

From original Apple Juice to the more innovative Berry Nectar or Orange Mango, Santa Cruz Organic® juices are sure to offer refreshing variety. Packed in 32-ounce diamond neck bottles, these tantalizing fruit juices are certified USDA organic and guaranteed to quench even the most selective of thirsts. Bottled juice: Apple Juice Apricot Nectar Berry Nectar Cider & Spice Concord Grape Juice Cranberry Nectar Hibiscus Cooler Lemon Ginger Echinacea Lemonade Limeade Orange Mango New! Orange Pineapple Peach Nectar Pear Nectar Pineapple Coconut Raspberry Lemonade Red Tart Cherry Strawberry Lemonade Tropical Blend White Grape Juice --- Tired of sending junior off to school with sodas? Santa Cruz Organic products offer an alternative to these items in their line of certified USDA organic, kid-friendly juice drink boxes. A box of lemon or tropical punch will make kids long for lunchtime, and moms can feel good knowing that their kids are drinking an organic beverage that provides 100% of the USDA recommended daily value of vitamin C. Juice boxes: Grape Lemon Orange Tropical Punch

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Santa Cruz Organic has been selling organic foods and beverages for more than 30 years. They carry tea, sparkling tea, peanut butter, organic juice, applesauce, sodas, dessert toppings and more and it's all organic.


They’re organic
: Organics have numerous benefits from better taste, to zero pesticides, to sustainable farming methods, to cleaner soil, to water preservation and more. 

They recycle: Santa Cruz recently revamped their recycling efforts which are now new and improved. They offer reduced packaging, recyclable packaging, and have received the WRAP Award (Waste Reduction Awards Program) for the past seven years. In 2006 the company achieved a remarkable 96% recycling rate for production.

They offset: Santa Cruz Organics purchases renewable energy which offset 100% of the energy used to produce Santa Cruz Organic brand products. This new strategy prevents more than two million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere every year.

They're a green power member: Santa Cruz Organic participates in the (EPA) Green Power Partnership. This is a voluntary eco program for companies that support clean and renewable energy technology.

They’re Fair Trade: Santa Cruz offers tea-juice blends that are Fair Trade.

They’re healthy
: Santa Cruz Organics offer products free from pesticides, hydrogenated oils, added sugars, artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and other icky stuff.

They’re family friendly: Organic companies are no good to the average consumer, if the average consumer can't afford their products. Santa Cruz products are usually reasonably priced, and often are featured in sales at local grocers. They offer coupons and have been featured in Mambo Sprouts.