Sambazon Organic Amazon Energy Drink Reviews


Best tasting energy drink I've ever had


Pros: Tastes pretty good, not too sweet, doesn't make you jittery

Cons: Not super energy-filled

Sambazon Amazon Energy drink is hands down the best tasting energy drink I've ever had (compared to the Red Bulls and Rockstars of the world).  It doesn't have that super-fake taste to it...nor does it have that weird "energy drink" taste to it.  It tastes more or less like a light berry soda.  It's not super carbonated, but just enough.  It's also not too sweet for me, which is great - in fact, some might find it a little tart even.  But...I'm a fan. In terms of energy's late afternoon and I feel a tad bit peppier for drinking it, but it's not a huge energy rush for better or worse.  If you're really struggling, a cup or two of coffee might serve you a little better.  For a...
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