Sacred Planet

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Sacred Planet
Description: This 40-minute world travelogue made for IMAX theaters focuses on the few remaining people who still live close to the land. Narrator Robert Redford mentions we should listen to these folks since, as the movie seems to insist, they have some inner peace the rest of civilization does not (represented by sped-up clips of urban life à la Koyaanisqatsi). Certainly their worlds look lavish: the deserts America, the rain forests of Borneo, the rocky shorelines of Alaska, the plains of Africa. As IMAX documentaries go, this is one of the thinnest, and since you lose the impressive vistas from the gigantic IMAX screen (unless you have a monitor the size of a house), it works better as a diversion. Other films have stated this message more effectively and entertainingly. --Doug Thomas Product Description SACRED PLANET is a journey away from the hectic "world" we live in. Through stunning cinematography, it transports you to some of the most fascinating, exotic, and remote sites on Earth, giving you new insights into her diverse landscapes, peoples, and animals. You'll be mesmerized by the beauty of these all-but-forgotten faraway places, the majesty of the creatures who live there, and the wisdom of the elders who hold the knowledge of the past. This magical around-the-world odyssey is an awe-inspiring wonder the entire family will enjoy.

Release Date2005-04-05
LabelWalt Disney Home Entertainment
List Price$14.99
ManufacturerWalt Disney Home Entertainment
PublisherWalt Disney Home Entertainment
StudioWalt Disney Home Entertainment
Number Of Items1
ActorCy Peck Jr.
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
DirectorJon Long
Original Release Date2004-04-22
Running Time47
Theatrical Release Date2004-04-22
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