The RMartin EVD Lithium is a great electric maxi scooter

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RMartin EVD Electric Scooter

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Pros: Speed, range, efficiency

Cons: Few dealers

I purchased the RMartin EVD because I was interested in electric vehicles, and quickly became convinced that 2 wheelers were a much more efficient and cost effective entry point, and there were actually brand new products available right now. I have looked at the Vectrix, which is a very high end scooter with an equally high end price of about $10,000. I nearly purchased a Extreme XM-3500, but I found the EVD and quickly cancelled my order. Both bikes have very similar appearance, but the specs vary in a few key areas:

20 x 40 aH Thundersky Lithium Phosphate batteries
3500 watt, 3 phase brushless DC motor
Chinese made ABS hydraulic disc brakes made in Taiwan

R. Martin EVD Lithium
21 x 60 aH Thundersky Lithium Phosphate batteries
3000 watt, 6 phase brushless DC motor
Improved ABS hydraulic disc brakes made in Taiwan

I currently have approximately 1100 miles on my EVD, which I use to commute to work about 3 days a week. I have never ridden or seen an XM-3500 in person, but I can't stress enough that I feel the 40 aH batteries would be undersized for the XM-3500, especially with a higher watt rating on the motor. With the EVD I see some voltage droop when accelerating or going up hills, but it is very moderate. On colder days expecially, I would think that wiht the XM-3500 you would get a huge voltage drop when you accelerate. It would also cut down your range considerably. The 6 phase motor is marketed by R. Martin as a big advantage because it is smoother, and it seems smooth to me. I have seen several complaints about soft or mushy brakes on the XM-3500, but am quite pleased with the EVD's brakes. So far my experience with the Thundersky batteries and charger have been very good.

The specs on the new XM-4000 and XM-5000 models seem closer to the EVD (with the exception of the motor wattage), but they are considerably more expensive than the $4500 + shipping that I paid for the EVD.

Another big difference between the two is that I have seen countless online posts about bad customer experience with Extreme, where my personal experience with Randall at R. Martin has been very positive so far.

I am very pleased with the appearance of my scooter, which I got in the Red/Black option. Several other people have mentioned that it looks cool as well.

The performance of my scooter is very good. It is actually a lot of fun to ride. Acceleration is brisk below 30 mph, and slows down as you approach the top speed of 50 mph on the flat (measured by gps, speedo indication is approx 4 mph higher at 50 mph actual). Range varies dramatically with speed, but I have gone 44 miles on a single charge, and much of that was going 40-50 mph and stopping at frequent stoplights along the way. Based on my calculations and some estimates, a 60 mph range would be possible if you could minimize stopping and accelerating, and kept the speed down to 30-35 mph.

In actual day to day usage, I have been recording the power used to charge the scooter with a Kill-a-Watt meter. So var I'm averaging 1.03 cents per mile in actual cost from my electric utility company. So driving 1100 miles cost me about $11 in electricity.

The only issues I have had so far were a small plastic panel that was cracked (I believe during shipping, although I'm not sure, because I didn't notice it until I'd had it about 2 months) which cost $15 to replace, and a circuit breaker which failed, and cost $12 to replace. The only thing that I would caution someone about is the need to ensure that the battery cells are kept equalized (at the same state of charge). I will say that I have a system of checking the batteries on my scooter that is quick and easy, but if you aren't familiar with circuits and don't own a multimeter, this type of vehicle may not be for you.

I'd definitely recommend checking out the EVD if you are looking at a high performance electric maxi scooter at a reasonable price.


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