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RMartin EVD Electric Scooter

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Pros: Fun, power, agility

Cons: range,range, range



I wanted to add a quick review from the UK on this bike. Over here its called the elecscoot and has roughly the same spec as what is available in the US. My model has a battery management system that allows you to set output voltages from the batteries etc and the usual switchgear, underseat storage etc.


What has prompted me to start using the bike for commuting is the current tube strike in london. There has been grislock on the streets, hunreds of people at bus stops and lengthy commutes for a lot of people. I figured, 'get on my bike' and made my way in. Without getting into stats and measurements etc, i would just like to say that the performace of this bike is equivalent to a 80-100cc petrol scooter. Its just got a different propulsion method. I kept up with london traffic no problem (average speed is 7mph, ha ha) and when there was some open road, the bike kept going past 40 mph and i would have easily got to 50mph if i had the chance.


My only gripe at this stage is range. On high power i only get around 30 miles range, which is more than enough for my commute and local trips. I think it may improve with more recharges and as the battery becomes more efficient but its the only thing i can fault on the bike. The fact is, until battery technology becomes smaller, lighter and higher capacity, this is about the best you can get when it comes to electric personal transport. I would think you could upgrade the battery pack fairly easily once better versions are available, try doing that with a petrol bike!


I think this type of bike will become a success as it would enable people who ride scooters to make a painless transition to electric, and entice people, like me, who wanted to trade in their car for a eco friendlier alternative.




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