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RMartin EVD Electric Scooter

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Pros: Good speed, good range, good power (lithium), nice size

Cons: Lead-acid battery version could use more power for hilly country.

I own two RMartin Limited EVD scooters, a lead-acid battery powered EVD scooter and a 40 AH lithium battery powered EVD scooter.  The range is good for both scooters, although to go 50 miles on a charge one has to be very conservative with speed and acceleration.  When driving at a speed of 40 MPH to 45 MPH, I normally can expect a range of approximately 30 miles. 


The top speed is approximately 50 MPH on level ground with a 250 pound rider.  Both scooters have good acceleration, but the scooter with lithium batteries has better acceleration than the scooter with lead-acid batteries.  I live in an area that is quite hilly, with some hills having a rather steep grade.  The lead-acid battery powered EVD scooter seems limited in power to pull hills.  However, the 40 AH lithium battery powered EVD scooter pulls hills quite well.  Therefore, I will assume that the new 60 AH lithium battery powered EVD scooter should pull most hills very well while holding a reasonable speed.


Both scooters hold the road well, track well, and brake well.  The fuel efficiency is great.  I am in the process of purchasing a 60 AH lithium battery powered EVD scooter for extended range and even better hill climbing ability.


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