RMartin EVD Electric Scooter Reviews

Positive Reviews


Solid ride


Pros: Solid feel, smooth ride, good hill climbing ability

Cons: Overly sensitive throttle

I just test rode various models of the EVD scooter this afternoon at Rmartin and it seems to be a solid ride. I only rode it about 20 minutes and just around the residential area near Rmartin. My experience with electric scooters is confined to an EGo and an Oxygen Lepton and the EVD/eFun D is in a totally different class. It feels more like a motorcycle i.e. heavier and more stable. The residential streets I rode on during my first test drive were flat and the EVD accelerated smartly to 30mph and cruised very smoothly - once I got going. The only complaint I have with this scooter in this initial ride is that the throttle is very sensitive; it took me a good dozen stops and starts to...
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Negative Reviews


Poor service, unreliable vehicle


Pros: Electric - great in theory

Cons: Does not work reliably, poor service, waste of money

Heads up to anyone who may have found this view a search engine while looking for a reliable electric vehicle - the R Martin EVD is NOT for you. I purchased the EVD from Randall Martin (via his website) last year after reading the sparse reviews out there that seemed mostly positive.  From the minute it arrived things went poorly. First, the company he uses (SAIA shipping) to deliver the bikes fails utterly.  They could not deliver the bike to our door because they only use semi trucks and our residential street had wires too low.  That means they left the bike, wrapped in a box wrapped in a banged up, rusted metal cage, 1 block from our house, in the middle of the street, with only my...
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big china scoot


Pros: looks good

Cons: top end speed only 45mph

for $6000 i expected more, more acceleration, higher top speed, not worth the money

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The RMartin EVD Lithium is a great electric maxi scooter


Pros: Speed, range, efficiency

Cons: Few dealers

I purchased the RMartin EVD because I was interested in electric vehicles, and quickly became convinced that 2 wheelers were a much more efficient and cost effective entry point, and there were actually brand new products available right now. I have looked at the Vectrix, which is a very high end scooter with an equally high end price of about $10,000. I nearly purchased a Extreme XM-3500, but I found the EVD and quickly cancelled my order. Both bikes have very similar appearance, but the specs vary in a few key areas:XM-350020 x 40 aH Thundersky Lithium Phosphate batteries3500 watt, 3 phase brushless DC motorChinese made ABS hydraulic disc brakes made in TaiwanR. Martin EVD Lithium21 x...
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No need for london underground!


Pros: Fun, power, agility

Cons: range,range, range

Hi I wanted to add a quick review from the UK on this bike. Over here its called the elecscoot and has roughly the same spec as what is available in the US. My model has a battery management system that allows you to set output voltages from the batteries etc and the usual switchgear, underseat storage etc. What has prompted me to start using the bike for commuting is the current tube strike in london. There has been grislock on the streets, hunreds of people at bus stops and lengthy commutes for a lot of people. I figured, 'get on my bike' and made my way in. Without getting into stats and measurements etc, i would just like to say that the performace of this bike is equivalent to a...
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Very Nice Scooter


Pros: Good speed, good range, good power (lithium), nice size

Cons: Lead-acid battery version could use more power for hilly country.

I own two RMartin Limited EVD scooters, a lead-acid battery powered EVD scooter and a 40 AH lithium battery powered EVD scooter.  The range is good for both scooters, although to go 50 miles on a charge one has to be very conservative with speed and acceleration.  When driving at a speed of 40 MPH to 45 MPH, I normally can expect a range of approximately 30 miles.  The top speed is approximately 50 MPH on level ground with a 250 pound rider.  Both scooters have good acceleration, but the scooter with lithium batteries has better acceleration than the scooter with lead-acid batteries.  I live in an area that is quite hilly, with some hills having a rather steep grade.  The lead-acid...
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Happy Owner


Pros: good range, good speed, easy ride, comfortable

Cons: little too heavy and too tall, not the best quality

I work at a dealer for these scooters and have loved them ever since.  Sadly the first time I rode one, I dropped it.  I am only 5' 3" and was following my boss (he was on one too) he decided to pull over and wait for some others, I tried to pull over behind him, and without realizing it, tried to put my foot down, right in the gutter.  By the time I realized that I couldn't reach the ground, it was leaning too far for me to keep it up.  I eventually got over my fear and humiliation and bought it.  I have been riding it for a week now every day to work.  I am a lot more confident and I enjoy it so much.  There are a few issues as with any newish technology (something about the two...
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Unbelieveable value and works as advertised


Pros: 50mph smooth ride - great support - best value

Cons: limited colors during sale

I have bought several electric bikes and scooters over the last five years. This is the best value by far. Many others that advertised 40-50 mph barely did 30 and were not really ready for daily commuting. The EVD does 50 mph on flat ground and cruises great in traffic. It does slow down on hills but that is to be expected for electrics. It has all of the gas scooter controls - horn, turn signals, lights, locking steering, and even has disk brakes. Overall I am very pleased with the EVD.  Like I said, I have bought several other electrics. I also have a R10 electric bike from R Martin.  This has a similar motor type to the Optibike but at a fraction of the cost. The EVD and the R10 are my...
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Solid Ride, Great Value!


Pros: Speed, handling, value, stylish

Cons: Removing item from shipping crate, handling of bumps

Got a great deal on this bike, with an overstocked clearance sale. I've been quite pleased with the R Martin EVD. Great scooter for the money. I've gotten mine to go about 53 mph on a flat surface and I'll bet it can go a couple miles per hour faster. I can get about 40 miles per charge and I live in a fairly hilly area. I wish the scooter would handle bumps a little better and some of the smaller plastic pieces (not the body itself) are a bit fragile), but overall it's a smooth ride, with pretty good quality construction, and it handles nicely. This vehicle is not intended for highway use, but is perfect for getting around town.

many scooters like this


Pros: light , powerfull, LION batteries , good range

Cons: chineese scooter look, parts and quality

I wan to know who produce this scooterThere is a minimum of 10 sites over the net selling this product under different namesvespino, sun power, ADS technologies, .... and rebranded each time !!I drove it once, nothing to compare with my Vectrix, nevertheless very interesting because much cheaper and lighter !!! with LIONif some reviewes could be made on details it could be a best sellerWhy is only 2 scooters on earths able to reach 100 km/h ??? is it so complex to produce !!!I someone could help me to understand ??I would like to promote and distribute such scooters to people in my country where they consider electricity only for toys !!!

I have the EVD Electric Scooter


Pros: Can Keep Up With Traffic

Cons: Heavy-hard to manuveur at standstill. Seat is hard.

I own this scooter. I stand 6'2" and weigh 280 lbs.  I met Randall and tested his scooter, I bought one.  I use it sparingly to ride around the neighborhood. At times, the scooter is sluggish on take off. This is fixed by turning power off and turning back on. I don't know if it is my big body that makes the scooter struggle (lol).  It does basically what I want it to do. The seat is very hard so it gets a bit rough sitting for a long period of time. The good thing is, of course, no gas.