Ritual Alami - Kakao Cleansing Bar


Pros: smells like chocolate, soft silky skin

Cons: large, rough around the edges

When I first tried this bar, it felt large to my average sized hands. I liked the smell, but it was hard for me to get passed the size of the bar. So, I decided to cut it down into fourths, and now I love it. I am able to put it in different locations of the house, one at the bathroom sink, one at the kitchen, and two in the shower, so that I can smell like chocolate all day long. It's really surprising how soft it leaves my skin, and I'm very impressed with the packaging and true words about the product on the back of the box from the company.
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Ritual Alami - Kakao Cleansing Bar

Our Kakao Cleansing Bar is forumulated for superior cleansing, locking in moisture from the natural emollients; Balinese Coconut & Palm Oil plus cocoa butter. For additional skin smoothing and moisture, we have added textures of almonds & cinnamon. Your skin will feel soft, silky, and utterly pampered!

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