Rice Dream Original


Pros: Tastes good, easy to find

Cons: A little pricey

I am currently using rice dream as I cannot have dairy. It tastes good, and ricedream tastes much better than other brands I have tried. It is nice to find an enriched, organic milk alternative.


Pros: all pros I love this prouct

Cons: Rice dream can do no wrong

Yum yum yum yum yum yum

Get your family on rice milk and they will not have allergies and ear aches

an no tubes in the ears cows milk causes no many things for us to go wrong with our bodies

since I gave up cow products my life got so much better!!

And Rice Dream milk and cheese is the way to do this!


Pros: My preferred non-dairy, non-soy milk, organic, packaging easily compacts to create less waste

Cons: Not as good as Silk!

I've bought this product on several occasions- it's really my choice for the occasions that I want non-dairy, non-soy milk.  We periodically try to switch from soymilk to some other type of milk since we get a fair amount of soy from other sources, and this has been my favorite non-soymilk that we've tried, but it's not nearly as good as Silk.  This milk is a bit watery, but I think that's just because we usually buy Silk, and it seems that:


Rice Dream : Skim :: Silk : 2%. 


I usually only use this for cereal, as I generally only drink chocolate milk, and I do not like non-soy chocolate milk.  But I think that if we used it for a while, so the relative thinness was less noticeable, that this would be a pretty good beverage choice.

Rice Dream Original

There is a reason why Rice Dream Enriched is America's best-selling rice beverage. Not only is it the perfect non-dairy beverage, but also it is enriched with vitamins A, D & B12, has the same calcium as milk and is low fat and all natural! Available in 8, 32 and 64 oz sizes

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