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Revolution Foods Organic Jammy Sammy

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 i tried these the other day thinking that they'd be more substantive (like one of those nutrigrain-type breakfast bars, but with extra protein in the form of peanut butter).  plus, i love pb&j sandwiches.  these just don't pass muster to me.  they don't have much peanut butter flavor - or peanut butter in them, as far as i can tell.


one real plus is that they are pretty tiny in size (about half the size of a regular-size breakfast bar), so you can eat one plus some yogurt for a nutritious, not too caloric snack.


*note: i had the strawberry flavor


Pros: Tasty

Cons: Not very sandwich-y, pretty small

When I saw these Jammy Sammies in Whole Foods, they said something on the display about being like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no crust...sounded like a very clever snack and a good way to sneak some whole grain, organic goodness into kids' diets.


It's not that it doesn't taste good, it's fine, but I was hoping for something with more of the texture of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and this is more of a Clif bar type texture with a dense, moist outside and a filling inside. I suppose expecting a crustless PB&J in a snack bar was unrealistic, a man can dream can't he?


I do like that 3% of their revenues go to their healthy school lunch business which provides better quality foods to underserved schools. All for that!


We got these at whole foods - noticed them because they were giving out samples.  I love them.  They're tasty, moister than I had expected.  I'm eating them regularly in the morning on the way to the gym to get something balanced and not too heavy in my stomach.  Our 11 month old daughter eats the apple/cinnamon/oat version as a finger food snack.  It's easy and we feel good about it.  Good stuff!

Revolution Foods Organic Jammy Sammy

From the Revolution Foods Website: A snackable, packable sammy! The Jammy Sammy is a snack size twist on a lunchbox favorite. Each yummy bar is made with nourishing ingredients that help kids have more sustained energy throughout the day. And each one is individually wrapped and ready to go – perfect for when you’ve gotta jam

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TypeGranola bar or snack bar
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