Reuseniks Clothesnik Garment Bag Reviews


someone finally figured it out!


Pros: great bag, eliminates cleaners plastic and well designed

Cons: You need to talk to your cleaners and show him how it works, but no big deal.

The Reusenik clothing bag is brilliant! I love that I can store all my dirty cleaning away in a bag that I can easily carry to the cleaners. I live in New York and I walk to my cleaners. Many, many times I have dropped my husbands favorite ties and dress shirts in the mud. Sometimes I retrieve them other times they end up forgotton. Now I just store it in my bag and end up at my destination with every piece of clothing I set out to have cleaned. AND I have always HATED all that plastic that comes back with the cleaning. It did take a little discussion with my cleaners (who are green) on how the clothesnik works, but they got the idea quickly. Now, me, my Clothesnik and my cleaners are in...
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Pros: So obvious, so necessary, so beaautifully executed.

Cons: none

The Clothesnik is just so smart.  When you think about the sheer numbers of plastic dry cleaning bags in our landfills, and our oceans, it makes so much sense to have a reusable bag.  it works simply.  I can take my clothes to the cleaners in it as a laundry bag, and then my clean clothes are returned hanging in the same bag.  One difference, no plastic!  Hail to Reuseniks