Repell-Em Eco Smartbags 13 Gallon Trash Bags Reviews


Seem like cool bags


Pros: sturdy, affordable, claim to be biodegradable

Cons: do they meet their claims?

These bags make for a tricky review, because they make some serious claims, and it's hard to test if they live up to them. For example, they claim the bags biodegrade 100% in 1-7 years, which is much faster than corn-based biodegradable bags like BioBag or Trellis.  Is this claim true?  Well, I don't have a compost pile yet, and once I do, it will take a year to test it out!  So if it lives up to this claim, that's a great feature, but I can't say if it does. The company claims the bags are made of 100% natural, organic ingredients, but they don't reveal what those ingredients are. It also claims to repel flies, which is pretty nice.  Again, not an easy claim to test. The bags are a...
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