Rain Reserve Kit Reviews


RainReserve Complete System review


Pros: Collects much rain water, doesn't overflow rain barrel, no misquitoes

I bought a RainReserve water conservation product and love it. It attaches to your downspout and to multiple rain barrels collecting rain that falls on your roof, while allowing debris and overflow to pass back out the downspout instead of the rain barrels. The product is also made out of a recycled corn based polymer. The kits come with everything you need to install it to your downspout and rain barrels. It is useful for watering your garden, and washing your car and pets.www.rainreserve.comĀ 

Overall Nice


Pros: Good water, doesn't overflow

Cons: None that i'v found

I got this product about a week ago and I love it. It connects to drain systems and allows the water to go into one or more barrels. I collect the rain water into barrels and store them, but some of it goes to my garden. And my plants love it. If it starts to overflow then the water and other junk like leaves go down and out of the system. The website is www.rainreserve.com and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is concerned with free and extra water.