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Rain Barrels and More 50 gallon Plastic


Pros: cost effective, sturdy, matching brick

I bought this 50 gallon Terra cotta rain barrel from I also bought a RainReserve rain diverter system from I connected the RainReserve system to my gutter downspout and then followed the rest of the instructions to connect it to my rain barrel. It relatively simple and took about an hour to setup. The 50 gallon barrel and the RainReserve system are made out of recycled and eco friendly materials. They keep misquitoes, debris, and other bugs out. They also are UV protective so algae does not grow in your water and system.


Pros: cheap, reusing materials

Cons: not aesthetically pleasing to everyone

I really like this rain barrel for several reasons.  Number one - it's cheap!  I found a lot of very expensive rain barrels in my research, but Rain Barrels and More offers several 50-gallon plastic barrels for $90-100.  Not too shabby.


These barrels were orginally used for shipping Greek peppers to the US, so I also appreciate that it's a good reuse of the materials.  Plus they actually smell pretty nice inside!


The only negative is that some people think they're ugly.  Ed Begley Jr. coincidentally has the same rain barrel as me, and his wife tried to get rid of it because she thought it was an eyesore!  Personally I think it looks perfectly fine.  It's just a big barrel painted in a terra-cotta color.  But the same website offers some brown and green and blue ones, as well as some wooden barrels.  Of course, the wooden ones are more expensive, but do look quite nice.


So anyway, I'm happy with the barrel.  It hasn't rained much so we haven't had a chance to use it, but installation was simple.  The only difficult part was cutting the rain gutter (difficult to do with a hacksaw - use power tools if possible!).

Rain Barrels and More 50 gallon Plastic

Our terra cotta colored plastic rain barrels are made from imported Grecian pepper barrels which were originally received in this country filled with delicious golden Greek peppers. The terra cotta rain barrels are 35" tall with a 23" diameter and hold approximately 50 Gallons. All of our plastic rain barrels are made from re-cycled food grade barrels. These plastic recycled barrels have traveled many thousands of miles, and even though we have thoroughly cleaned them inside and out, and applied several coats of a UV polish, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes. This should be considered as part of the "character" of the Grecian rain barrels. These rain barrels have a snap on lid with inside screen mesh to keep out debris, bugs, pets and children, three top overflow male hose connections, a brass spigot, and a bottom drain plug. The overflow fittings allow excess water to be diverted into a second barrel (or third, or fourth or fifth etc.), or by attaching a hose, excess water can be diverted to any remote area such as a garden or flower bed. The brass spigot and plug are shipped inside the barrel and will need to be screwed into the pre-installed plastic fittings by the customer. The brass spigot can be interchanged with the bottom drain plug if desired.

Total Volume50 Gallons
Additional Featuresmade from imported Grecian pepper barrels
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Garden & Yard › Rain Barrels & Cisterns › Rain Barrels and More 50 gallon Plastic