Radius Source Toothbrush


Pros: less wasteful

It's very hard for me to find a toothbrush I really like. I feel that none do a great cleaning job and some irritate my sensitive gums too much. I got this as a promotion for cheaper than it costs at the store and had high hopes for it. Fortunately I was rewarded.

First of all it looks beautiful, the design is very organic. It is very comfortable to hold in your hand, you can adjust it for right or left-handed, and best of all the brown part of the handle is made out of recycled material. You only have to change the head every few months. That reduces the amount of waste significantly, which is what sold me to this toothbrush. Using it takes some getting used to, because it has a wider bristle head than conventional toothbrushes. The first few days it felt weird (not too weird though), plus because I am used to using Sonicare, I was pressing too hard on my gums, to compensate I guess, which made them bleed a little. Once I relaxed my attitude a bit I really enjoyed using this brush. It does a great cleaning job, probably because it covers a greater surface, and it makes me happy for creating less garbage. Yeah!
Radius Source Toothbrush

93% Recycled Material - 47% Renewable Resource Replaceable Heads + Wooden Handle = Only 7% of toothbrush wasted as compared to 100% of ordinary toothbrushes. Wooden Handle is molded from recycled wood bio-plastic resulting in 100% renewable resource. New lightweight unbreakable replacement heads made from surgical-grade nylon. Dramatically increases softness and efficacy of brushing with 65% more bristle tufts than ordinary toothbrush. Reversible for both Right or Left handed brushing 4,000 Tynex® nylon bristles - Available in soft or medium bristles. Handle lasts forever. Simply throw the heads away!

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