Organic Food Bar


Pros: Tasty, moist, organic, raw, lots of fiber and protein

A while back, I was in Whole Foods and just bought a smattering of different snack bars and things.  Then I forgot about them.  This morning I had one of the Organic Food Bars.  Now...there are quite a few different flavors I haven't tasted, but the Cranberry one is really quite good. 


It looks a little like a big fig newton in that it's got the cranberrys at the center but it's not jelly-like.  It's also not dry at all, which I like a lot (for example...the SoyJoy bars killed me because it was like eating styrofoam peanuts).  It also tastes like almond butter, which I love.  It's nice there are flax seeds in it too.  It's not too sweet and the cranberries have a nice light tartness to them.  And per bar, they've got 8g of fiber and 8g of protein.  So not too shabby. 


Of course...I can't for the life of me remember how much I paid for one.  But I definitely think I'd buy one again.

Organic Food Bar

Most "health bars" are acid-forming processed dead food with artificial sweeteners and ingredients. Our Cold Processed, Enzymatically Active Organic Food Bar is your solution to eating truly healthy on the go. Available in: Cranberry, Protein, Wild Blueberry, Active Greens, Active Greens Chocolate, Omega 3 Flax, Original, Chocolate Chip, Vegan.

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TypeGranola bar or snack bar
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