LivClean Carbon Offset Solutions


Pros: Quality carbon offset products for both home and business.

Cons: None - this was probably the best enviro-experience I've had.

Not only did LivClean make my home and lifestyle carbon neutral, they also helped offset my business and provided marketing, communications and sales expertise.

I'm now one of the first carbon neutral businesses in my community and their strategies are becoming a great success both for my business and the environment!!!

LivClean Carbon Offset Solutions

LivClean is a Canadian organization with a global reach devoted to offering quality carbon offset products and solutions to both individuals and businesses. Passionate about making a difference in the environment and helping others reduce their carbon emissions, LivClean’s dedication to quality means all carbon offset products meet strict criteria, certification and standards. Services include: carbon footprint assessment, the procurement and sale of carbon offsets, carbon neutral water heaters, carbon neutral/green energy, the Eco-Logique MBNA MasterCard and sustainable business solutions, including sustainable positioning strategies, branded campaigns, marketing and communications. Together we can truly change the planet for the better!

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