Eco Canteen Reviews

Positive Reviews


Love My Eco Canteen


Pros: Holds plenty, doesn't flavor water, large opening

Cons: Bit pricey on s&h

They got me on the S&H, but most of that got reimbursed by The basic price of 9.99 for one was GREAT, but I got 2 and with the 2 koozies & shipping it was  $38.82. I DO LOVE the design and quality of the bottles. The opening is about the size of a champagn flute, so easy to drink, fill, or add ice. I keep one filled in the fridge a all times - as I drain one, I re-fill and exchange it with the cold one. The "loose" threading on bottle and cap is very easy to twist open & closed and easier to clean than the tightly threaded bottles I first bought. The "wetsuit" koozie is great to keep my fingers warm, and to carry the bottle around my waist when on long walks....
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A Message From EcoCanteen

 Hi this is EcoCanteen. It is discouraging to see such a negative comment from a customer, but we are here to resolve the issues. As noted on the website, and TV commercial, we advertise the product as $9.99 each plus p/h.The bottom of has 'Offer Detail' information that outlines the product costs, as well as the processing and handling costs associated with the Adult Bottles, Kids Bottles and Insulated Totes. So the customer should be fully aware of the total cost of their order when they click the 'Click Here' button to place their order. The costs are also clearly stated during our automated telephone ordering system prior to a customer providing us with their A link...
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Negative Reviews


Be cautious


Pros: quality product

Cons: zero to no customer service

I was originally contacted by EcoCanteen and sent a sample of the product.  The price point was outstanding and their company materials were well thought out.   I had no problem with the company and blogged about them until I received SEVERAL complaints.   There is a great deal of confusion as to the cost.  The shipping and handling makes the "deal" of 9.99 equivalent to the price of any other bottle of similar quality therefore negating the amazing price.  They also have a default option that sends not one but two bottles each with separate shipping costs. Additionally when you try to contact the company to resolve the issues there is no follow up.  I have removed any mention of the...
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Pros: nice design

Cons: Never saw the total, until I submitted the payment.

Advertising on Tennis channel is a scam.....Never saw the total, until I submitted the payment...Company sends the Packing slip...not the Invoice....soooo I do not know what the company charges.. Six items were sent to me in a simple large yellow envelope:2 canteens, 2 insulated totes (advertised for free), 1 never spill pull top and 1 insert....... I was charged SIX TIMES the shipping each individual item was sent was $66 I called customer service ....and got this answer:Regardless of the fact that everything was sent as one package..the company charges shipping cost for each and every item in the package  (as each one was sent separately...)...and she...
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More Reviews


Be Careful when ordering!


Pros: Nothing

Cons: They are tricky when you place order

Be very careful when ordering one or several of these.  I ordered just ONE kids 12 oz canteen for $8.95 and I didn't check anything else. They automatically added a kid's tote (which was supposedly free) but the final bill was over $18 at the end and there is no way to cancel the order as the final price will not show until after all your credit card info goes in. To make it worse, they keep asking if you would like to upgrade for additional $8 or $7 dollars for a steel cap (it comes with plastic) or a pop up top...all additional charges.  The whole purpose of buying this is to avoid plastic and use steel, but how can they be so shifty as to ask us to "upgrade" for an additional $9 for a...
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Buyer beware


Pros: None

Cons: It's not what it seems

These guys are scam artists! $9.99 turned into over $40 but only after I added my credit card and clicked the purchase button then the recipt read $42 instead of $9.99 + shipping! Customer service was rude and I had to wait a day to cancel the order. Don't buy from them!


What is with the chick filling the canteen with water from a plastic pitcher after the big deal they make on plastic chemical leaching? I own the things and they are not worth the money.

Scam - Stay Away


Cons: Customer Service Nightmare!!!

Purchaed three Eco Canteen's and was asked to upgrade to Deluxe canteen with stainless steel cap.  Don't even believe I selected this but this is what the final order read. Also paid shipping and handeling on each item despite receiving one package.  Also charged $4.95 s/h for each FREE tote bag.  WHY?  Couldn't not get a person on the phone.  When you ask questions they don't want to answer on the Customer Service Chat they disconnect you.  Despite my order being incorrect they will only take back the item charging you a 15% restocking fee and you still have to re-ship the items back to them.  Company has been labeled a scam and I agree.  Stay away from this purchase!  

ECO Canteen


Pros: Happy with product.

Cons: Bad customer relations.

I ordered an adult size canteen with an adult size tote. The adult size canteen I received but I got a child size tote. I ordered this quite a while ago to make sure that I got it on time to give as a present. Tried to contact cs by email  with no luck. Buyer be ware. Product is only as good as their service.

just be upfront


Pros: nice product

Cons: shady business practices

Ya know, if they priced it 5 bucks more and gave you free shipping I think they would probably sell more product.  They probably have some sales and marketing guru advising them on their price point and how they need to keep it undet 10 bucks and how they can make up the profits by nailing the customers on the shipping costs.  Just because they put it in the fine print doesn't make it right.  I get a sense that the company is better then this and is just getting some bad advise.  dump your sales and marketing gurus and raise your prices a bit and I bet your business will proper.  just my two cents

Caveat Emptor


Pros: Nice product

Cons: Deceptive sales practices

I, too, was surprised by the high S/H charges. Never saw the total, until I submitted the payment. Then I saw where the S/H fees were higher than the actual product. Immediately called, stating my concern, only to be told my order could not be pulled up by Customer Service for 24 hours. After reading the other bad experiences, and the additional charges from other vendors they provide credit card info to, I called my credit card company and had them immediately cancel that card, and reissue me another. No charges for me…

Smelly Tote


Pros: bottle eco friendly, great shape, wide mouth a great idea

Cons: tote smells eco unfriendly, didn't like the ordering process, seemed a bit deceitful

All stainless steel/aluminium water bottles filled with cold water seem to sweat.  I thought the tote offered with the eco canteen was a great idea, however the chemical smell is disturbing.  I have soaked them in detergent, baking soda, etc..smell is still so bad the entire room reeks of it.  I couldn't find any info on the materials used.  Used the on line chat on the eco canteen website..told the smell would go away after washing (didn't) and was told they have NO info regarding materials used.  The chatter suggested I go to their info there either.  I have never seen a product such as this that didn't have a label listing materials used and also care of the product..often...
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Great SS water bottle!


Pros: Stainless Steel, easily cleaned, wide mouth.

Cons: Misleading price in add. Not much of a "con" but the tote may seem to be a "busy" design to some.

This is a product that is one of the "as seen on TV" items.  From the website, I seem to be able to only find a company name of "Eco Canteen" - and not sure if made in USA or overseas.  The stainless steel container is sturdy, and so far has worked great with no dents and such even tho it hits the ground now and then.  I have both the 16 oz and 24 oz sizes.  The insulated tote is actually great for keeping the container cold and avoiding the bottle sweating.  The tote also makes it comfortable to hold if the bottle is ice cold.  The bottle itself has a wide mouth top that lets you easily add ice if you like. The only down-side I have found - and it is really not a big deal - is that the...
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