Ambrosial Granola

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Pros: organic, healthy, tasty

Cons: flavor selection

as a granola lover, i have to say i've tried them all and ambrosial is a welcome newbie to this category!  it is the only organic granola i've tried that is as flavorful as it is...loaded with nuts and fruits.  the price is also quite reasonable, as non-organics run similarly.  great stuff, just wish they had more ambrosial!


Pros: Organic, healthy, cereal, snack, convenient packaging, crunchy, fruits/berries

Cons: None!

I eat this for breakfast everyday and throughout the day at work snack on it as well.  It's really delicious!!  No other granola is as healthy as Ambrosial Granola!

Ambrosial Granola

Product Description Warm and earthy, rich in Omega-3 from flax seeds, walnuts, and cashews, spicy sweet with honey and cinnamon undertones and the subtle sweetness of dates, Venetian Vineyard Omega-3 Plus certified organic granola is an irresistible nutrition powerhouse! Minimally processed, without any added fat, it is only the naturally occurring heart-healthy fats from nuts seeds and grains that complement each spoonful of delicious organic whole grain goodness. Unrefined nutritional sweeteners like molasses rice syrup and honey and the delicate sweetness of fruits in abundance, ensure that there are no empty calories here. Our passion for excellence shows in the premium ingredients we use. Our choices are inspired by a deeply-rooted tradition in the Mediterranean diet coupled with the latest research about health and nutrition. Responding to the demand of consumers looking for health and wellness in their daily foods, we created pure nutrition without compromising taste. Ambrosial Granola believes in the value of minimally processed, organic whole foods, delicious nutrient rich bounty of the Earth itself, just as our Grecian ancestors did. This pure organic formula brings back to life our grandmothers' simple wisdom articulated so effectively by Lanza Del Vasto: "Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands, and the mouth".

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