Recycline Preserve Toothbrush Reviews


Surprisingly good


Pros: fits hand comfortable, reaches teeth really well, bristles nice stiffness

I purchased this out of curiosity/just for the heck of it when my old toothbrush needed replacing and I happened to see this.  I thought "so, it's bent, how big a deal it that, really, when using it?". I've been pleasantly surprised.  It's nothing earth-shaking, I mean it *is* just a toothbrush, but the curved handle actually does make it more comfortable to use than the straight or end-bent styles you normally see.  It makes it easy to brush thoroughly. The bristles on mine are medium-soft and, again, comfortable to use.  I'm sure I'll buy this again.

Fun Angles


Pros: angled brush

Cons: bristles maybe too soft

The Preserve toothbrush is a good purchase. Made out of recycled materials, and fully recyclable after use (free mail-in) just makes ya smile a bit more as your brushing your teeth! I really liked that I was able to get a black handled toothbrush. That's a silly thing, but all other brushes are always these gaudy white and pastel colours. Colour is probably the least important factor, but it was still a plus side for me. The quality is very good and I like the angled handle design.

Love this brush


Pros: recycled! gentle bristles

 I love this brush.  Soft bristles, great on my gums (dentist recommended, actually -- apparently the very stiff bristles do a number on one's gums).  Ever since finding this brand (about 2 years ago), I've used them exclusively.  Random perk: they come in great, bright colors!  So, great for your teeth, gums, and the environment.  Plus, a splash of color in the bathroom.  ;)