Preserve Recycled Plastic Razor

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Rated #12 in Shaving Cream & Gel


This is a pretty good razor. The handles are made of recycled yogurt cups and you can buy the razor head replacements for about $5. I have used the two blade ones and they are pretty good quality, they are just as good as other razors so there is not reason not to use these more eco-friendly ones. You can also return their products to the company for recycling, wihch is pretty cool!

Preserve Recycled Plastic Razor

An innovation in shaving, the Preserve® Triple Razor provides an eco-friendly shaving option that doesn’t sacrifice performance. With our titanium-coated blades and lubrication strip for comfort, Preserve’s Triple Razor delivers a clean, close shave for both men and women. Available in four vivid colors, the ergonomic handle exhibits contours and gripping regions that enhance performance and control. Like the Preserve toothbrush, the Triple Razor’s handle is made from recycled plastic, including Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups, and is fully recyclable. And the blades are easy to replace –just squeeze the arms of the Razor handle, pop off the blade cartridge, and press in a new blade. The Preserve Triple Razor package doubles as a reusable travel case and can be returned for recycling using our postage-paid label. Each Triple Razor package comes with two of Preserve’s titanium-coated blades. Replacement blades are available wherever Preserve Triple Razors are sold. Features: • Handle is made from 100% recycled plastic, including Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups • Ergonomic handle with contours and gripping regions enhances performance and control • Titanium coated triple blades with Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip offer a close shave and are easy to replace • Replacement blades available in packs of 4 • Handle also works with Personna® Acti-Flexx® and Gillette® Sensor® blades

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