Poulson Hybrid Conversion Kit

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Poulson Hybrid Conversion Kit

You've heard all the buzz about hybrids and Plug-in hybrids. So, why buy a new hybrid car when you can convert the car you drive today into a Plug-in hybrid? The Poulsen Hybrid makes your car into a Plug-in hybrid saving expensive gasoline by using cleaner, cheaper, domestic electric power. Our patented Power Assist technology provides approximately 20 to 30 miles of battery assisted power to your car each time you charge the batteries. The Poulson hybrid conversion will cost $4550 for a lead acid battery version, and $8600 for a lithium ion version. In theory, the kit will improve the fuel efficiency of a 30 mpg sedan to 55 mpg. The company is working on an SUV/truck version of the conversion kit, to be available in 2009.

Additional Features20-30 miles purely on battery power
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