Pontos GmbH AquaCycle 1500

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Pontos GmbH AquaCycle 1500

The AquaCycle® of PONTOS® cleans water from shower and bath. Finds a space in every cellar or basement - quickly installed, silent and free of odours. The AquaCycle® product range is geared to individual water consumption and demand. Systems are available with a recycling capacity of 600 – 10,000 l per day. Larger systems are available on request. The package includes pressure boosting systems to suit the relevant application. A rainwater feeder is also available as an accessory. The patented 4-stage treatment system with UV-Sterilisation provides water of a consistently high quality which conforms to the regulations of the Berlin Senate 2003, the EU Directive for Recerational Water 76/160/EWG and of fbr Information Sheet H 201 of January 05 published by the fbr (German Association of Industrial and Rainwater Users).

Weight175 kg
Additional Features
Tank Volume300 liters per tank (600 liters for Stage 1, 300 liters for Stage 2, 600 liters for Stage 3)
Greywater Source(s)Shower, bath water
Water ReuseToilet flushing, laundry, subsurface irrigation
States Legal for Use
Amount of Water Reused1,000 liters per day
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC