Plug-In Supply Prius+ PHEV Conversion Kit Reviews

Positive Reviews


PHEV Prius from Plug in Suppy


Pros: Gives you 100 mpg e mode and over 80 mph with assist.

Cons: Lead acid batteries are good for about 3 years.

I just had a PHEV conversion from Plug in Supply installed by  I am highly sastified with the work and it is awesome!  I can now plug into my solar array and get free power!  The PHEV will go 12-15 miles in pure EV mode under 52 mph with no noticeable loss of any function.  With PHEV assist, the car will gain several mpg on a tank.  Some people are getting 1100 miles per tank of gas (11.9 capacity). I had my conversion done from salvage.  Check out my blog at

Negative Reviews


Plug In Supply 4KW DIY Kit


Pros: I can't tell you, I never received the kit even though I paid for it.

Cons: You can order the kit but you will have a very hard time getting one.

I ordered the DIY Kit from Plug In Supply but have never received it.  I have been given several promises from Plug In Supply that the kit would be sent out "next week" or "tomorrow" or "in two weeks" but I have yet to receive any of the actual components of the kit.  I have been promised a refund but that has since been rescinded.  I paid $4550 for the kit and I have received only a small portion of it (the batteries).  The outlook for receiving the rest of the kit or a refund is dismal.   I would not recommend anyone do business with Plug In Supply.  I am not the only one that has had problems with them.  For more info, see the posts about Plug...
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