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Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Reviews


effective biodegradable dish soap


Pros: works well, biodegradable

Cons: none

I got some of this dish soap as one of the second Huddler contest prizes, and I really like it.  It's very concentrated so it creates a lot of suds from a small amount of soap, which is my main criterion for a good dish soap.  It's unscented, so there's no overpowering smell.  It's also biodegradable and gentle on the hands, and not too expensive.  Very good stuff!  It's definitely on par with some of my other favorite dish soaps, like Mrs. Meyers and Biokleen.

Tough on Grease


Pros: Cleans dishes quite well, concentrated

I bought this about a month ago to replace my regular dish washing soap, and it has worked out quite well. Since I wash nearly all of my dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher, I usually use quite a bit. However, thus stuff is so concentrated that I have noticed I am using less than normal. This is in addition to cleaning just as well as any other soap I've bought. The only problem is if you want all that "anti-bacterial" etc., soap, but I don't mind having all the "bells and whistles" for dish washing soap

Effective, efficient and gentle!


Pros: Cuts-grease, efficient, effective, all-purpose

Cons: (Unscented--if you like scented soaps)

A great choice for a green kitchen...and beyond. This all-purpose soap is tough--its concentrated formula cuts through grease more efficiently than some of the "Earth Friendly" brand soaps I have had in the past. And don't just use it in the kitchen! I've used it on my car and the website says not to stop there--try it on pets and more. Because it is hypoallergenic and unscented, it is gentle on the skin and can be used as a fruit and veggie wash. A more diluted formula could easily be used as an everyday kitchen hand soap. Very pleased!

where are the ingredients?


Pros: works well

Cons: non-disclosure

I love the way this product works, but am really, really not thrilled with the non-disclosure of real ingredients. coconut oil based cleaner covers a wide range of ingredients, and not all of them things i consider safe for use. So I will not purchase this product (I recieved it as part of a the huddler constest). But it does work very well.



Pros: Plenty of bubbles, four ingedients

I have been using this for several months to hand wash dishes and love it. We will definitely be buying more once the bottle is empty. One problem I have had in the past with other "green" dishwashing soaps is that they do not generate many bubbles (which for some reason I associate with cleaning power), but this is not a problem with the planet brand soap.  It is VERY effective at removing food left on dishes and I haven't had to use a pot scrub since we started using this soap. A bonus is that it is very gentle on hands.  

Good, effective dish soap


Pros: Easy on hands.

Cons: None yet.

I rec'd this with Huddler's second contest - tried it out and found it to be a good dish cleaner, no strong smell - tho it does smell like a soap, concentrated so a little goes a long way...  Overall we like it and would buy more.

A winner


Pros: suds well, c

This is a very nice dish doap. It suds well and leaves dishes squeaky clean. It is fragrance free and comes at a reasonable price. I also think that it does not dry my hands as much other dish soaps. I got this in the second contest prize packet but I think I will be purchasing this in the future.

Fantastic dish soap


Pros: No overpowering fragrance

It's highly concentrated and cleans really well.  It rinses off easily and is especially easy on the hands.  If you're looking for a high-quality, sustainable dish soap this is an excellent option.
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