Planet Earth Reviews


What a brilliant series

 I had the pleasure of watching these DVDs on BluRay.  Unbelievable.  The title of the series really sums it  up -- it takes you on a journey to almost every height and depth and climate on earth, and familiarizes you with so many amazing plant and animal species.  The footage is colorful and just magnificent.  Don't mean to speak in superlatives, but it's really very impressive.  An incredible, unparalled work that would be an amazing gift to give anyone. It's very entertaining because so many of the scenes they show (like a slo-mo capture of a Great White attacking a seal) is just awe-inspiring.  Plus, it's educational.  Maybe more people watching it would encourage people to be more...
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The best!


Pros: Amazing cinematography

Cons: are you kidding? none

 This is the best nature/geological special I have ever seen - cinematography is unbelievable and the narration is even awesome.  If you haven't seen this you need to immediately, and watch it again and again, it never gets old.


Spectacular footage of landscapes and animals. It is so well done you can't help but feel empathy for all the small and big tragedies. It is rather sad though, because it feels like taking inventory of things that will be gradually lost and we will only have films like this to remember (if we make it as a species).

Planet Earth - Why we need to embrace the "Green Movement"


Pros: HD Quality

 I watched this series on HDTV. It was so breathtaking and awe inspiring. Everyone that was involved in making this movie should be commended. Our planet and all its creatures are a gift and as stewards of our planet we have an obligation to preserve and protect all creatures great and small. Not only because its the responsible action to take but because we're suppose to leave our earth in better shape than we found it.I highly recommend this film and I also recommend it for family night. I think it should be added to the school curriculum. This would make a great gift for a teacher.<iframe src="
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Pros: Visuals, Information... Nature at its best.

Cons: zilch - nada - zero

 Absolutely INCREDIBLE.  My aunt and uncle bought this for my boyfriend last Christmas and it's just... beyond words. I'm a Discovery Channel nerd and travel/documentary (still) photographer and this compilation of animals, landscapes and pristine nature is like putting fireworks in my veins. Although, that sounds a little painful - not what I was going for... I can't say enough good things about this body of work. Get your hands on it somehow. Pool a group of friends together and split the cost - whatever you have to do, it's worth it. Nature speaks for itself.

What a beautiful planet.


Pros: Amazing scenes from around the world, gives an appreciation of whats out there

This is an amazing miniseries or whatever they choose to call it. The scale of things they manage to capture cannot be seen by the average person with their help and the quality and beauty of the images in Planet Earth is astounding. If anyone want to get a better grasp of the planet they are trying to safe or want to show someone who is not very interested in helping the planet what they are letting suffer Planet Earth is the way to go.


We put this on the tivo.  It would have been SO MUCH BETTER If we had a nicer tv... *cough*... but it was breath-taking and amazing to watch.  I was considering getting it on dvd, but the price is even more staggering.  Maybe we'll have to rent it again sometime soon.  I hope if we get a nicer television set we'll watch this again.  Or we can watch it on my parents' HDTV. :)

Amazing Footage


Pros: A great "movie" to watch anytime, day or night

I love everything about this video set.  I have the original BBC version, and am partial to the British narrator.  I recommend that everyone watch this at least once, it is a wonderful way to see the wonders of the planet. 

awesome series


Pros: awesome visuals, educational, fascinating

Cons: none!

I got Planet Earth on Netflix and it was absolutely awesome.  I had to rent every part of the series because they were just so great.  The visuals were stunning, and they showed a lot of cool animals and provided a lot of fascinating information.  Even the clips at the end showing how they managed to film some of the animals was really interesting.  Just an awesome series of documentaries - I can't say enough about it.