PJ's Organics Organic Burritos Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: It actually has chicken in it.

Cons: Like all other frozen burritos, too much tortilla and therefore excessive carbs.

 I liked it.  Personally found it to taste better than an Amy's burrito, but I still like both. 

Negative Reviews


What a shame! This hockey puck of a burrito is a gnarly, mealy cumin bomb.


Pros: It was on sale at Fred Meyers for 3.49

Cons: Teeth-shatteringly dry and hard, weird super-frozen texture.

I bought a PJs Skinny chicken burrito the other day. I was at work, so I had to microwave it, instead of oven bake it, like I would prefer to do at home. I cooked it for the recommended time, and I was shocked at how hard and bone-dry it came out. There was maybe an inch and a quarter, inch and a half, of actual burrito I could eat--the ends were so hard, as to be inedible. The insides are, as another reviewer said, "pasty," but they were maybe more mealy than pasty, due to their previously frozen state. I love cumin and use it often in my own cooking, but the taste of this burrito filling is overpoweringly cumin-y. The experience of attempting to consume this burrito has definitely...
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Pathetic 'food'


Pros: None

Cons: Just tortillas and some kind of chicken paste

I just feel ripped off.  Just paid $5 for 'luxury' organic food, but instead received corn tortillas, frozen with about a dime of 'chicken paste' on each.  They literally fell apart in my oven and were completely UNEDIBLE.  I'm going back to whole foods tomorrow to return the rest of this 'food'...AVOID AT ALL COSTS.  Worst frozen food purchase of my life.

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A swing and a miss


Pros: Organic

Cons: Thick tortilla gets tough in microwave, leaks a bit the longer it's in the microwave, not very tasty

I suppose if I hadn't eaten Amy's burritos before, I might think these PJ's organic burritos were okay...maybe...but even that's a stretch.  The tortilla is pretty thick and gets awfully tough in the microwave (especially at the bottom where it's folded over a few times).  It also got pretty soggy the longer I microwaved it (but I had to leave it in than the 2 minutes specified on the instructions...because the first time I cut it open, it was still frozen inside).  So the sogginess and the toughness are a weird combination to start. Okay, now let's move on to the inside of it.  Generally, it's just not very flavorful.  And unlike Amy's, you can't really tell what anything is on the...
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Pros: affordable and easy

Cons: Tortilla is tough

I picked a few of the PJ's Organic Chicken Burritos from Whole Foods and had high hopes. I love burritos, and the idea of an all organic option that I can eat at my desk in under 3 minutes sounds perfect. Unfortunately, I found the tortilla to be very cardboard-y and the fillings to be a bit lacking in overall flavor.  I've read some great things from my fellow Huddlers about Amy's Burritos, so I'm ready to jump on that train ASAP.