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Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel

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Pros: A burgeous, silky and luxurious feeling towel

Cons: Heavy, slippery, long drying time, snag or run easily

Although these towels are sometimes advertised as being a "quick-drying" towel, they consistently are the last items out of my dryer and always take extra cycle time. They seem to also snag rather easily on any sharp object like the slightly rough edge of a fingernail. The snag leaves a permanent line in the weave. I have four each of bath, hand and wash cloth sizes, in white.


The towels, in having a silky and luxurious feel, also are quite slippery, and can slide off things, including you; this is enhanced by the heavy weight of the towels. And in closing, the absurd washing instructions "prohibiting hot water and bleach" make me wonder if our friends at Pinzon are slightly askew with their market. All this said - I did keep these towels, which were back ordered and took many, many weeks, if not months, to arrive. Next time I will stay with a tried and true competing 100% cotton towel instead of this slick bamboo material.

Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel
Description: Product Description Bamboo has come into the spotlight as an eco-friendly resource. It also makes a superior fiber for supremely soft and breathable fabrics. This bath towel proves it: expertly made in Turkey of a 70/30 blend of bamboo and cotton in a plush 800-grams-per-square-meter weave, the towel has a luxurious feel against the skin. Because of the bamboo's breathable, naturally antibacterial fibers, moisture soaks in and then evaporates quickly. Not only does the bath towel feel silky soft, it looks great, too, with a supple draping quality, a light lustrous sheen, and a pretty piqué woven border at either end. For easy accessorizing, the towel is offered in an array of colors. Combine with Pinzon's bamboo cotton washcloths, hand towels, bath sheets, and even bathrobes to transform the bathroom into a luxe retreat. Safe to clean at home in the washer and dryer, the bath towel measures approximately 30 by 56 inches and weighs 30.5 ounces. Fabric Definition Bamboo Cotton: Bamboo cotton is a supremely soft fabric comprised of both bamboo and cotton fibers in varying ratios. The bamboo plant lends itself perfectly to the making of fabrics. Bamboo's porous fibers make a cloth with a breatheability and moisture absorption greater than cotton and a softness comparable to silk and cashmere. Bamboo fibers have a natural sheen to them and are naturally antimicrobial. Bed and bath linens made of bamboo cotton provide the very best qualities of each fiber. History of the Textile Mill Founded in Denizli, Turkey, in 1989 by Mr. Eke himself, the Eke Textile Industry and Trading Company began its operations with just a 1,500 square meter area and eight weaving looms. By 1991, the company established a sewing line to broaden its product range and increase market share. Soon, two computer-aided ETON system lines and 46 stations were added. The Swedish ETON system guarantees a minimum error rate of 2%-3%. It is an assembly-line-like system that allows the producer to know exactly who in which station is responsible for each part of the production process. This greatly minimizes production flaws, which earns EKE its stellar reputation for superior products. To meet continually growing demand, the operation was moved to a new 10,000 square meter plant in 1996. Mr. Eke is still in charge of daily operations and EKE has come to boast a 500+ strong workforce. History of the Region Denizli is the most famous city in Turkey for towels and bathrobes. The factories have employed a long line of towel weavers from the mountain top village of Babadag, near Denizli. Weaving is a tradition that has been perfected over the past 300 years. The technique originated from the weaving of Turkish carpets, and eventually moved to towels with the use of thinner cotton yarns. Denizli is not only known for its towels, but also for its hot springs, known as "Pamukkale," or, in English, "Cotton Castle." The natural thermal water, containing limestone, has flowed over the hilltops for hundreds of years, creating a smooth rock formation that gives the hills their clean, white appearance. Denizli is also one of the largest marble producing areas in the world. Their second biggest export after textiles is marble stone.

SizeBath Towel
Height30 inches
Width0.2 inches
Release Date2007-12-11
Length56 inches
List Price$40.00
Material TypeCotton
Additional Features
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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