Phoenix Organic Juice


Pros: Delicious, organic, exciting variations

Cons: Not available in the US; I hope you don't have an apple allergy

This is one of our favorite juices...enough so that Matt brought a couple bottles along when he proposed to me!  Surely that's testiment to its goodness.


The wide range of varieties keep things exciting- although I was surprised to note that they all include apple.  Of course, that's most juice combos- Phoenix are just up front about it.  


Sadly, Phoenix juices are only available in New Zealand (well, I suppose they might be in Australia too- but they are a Kiwi company)- but if you ever find yourself down under, this juice has your back. 

Phoenix Organic Juice

A line of organic juices in New Zealand- Apple Blackcurrent and Apple Cranberry and Apple Feijoa and Apple Guava and Apple Mango Passion and Apple Orange Mango and Apple Pear and Apple

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