Phillips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle Reviews

Positive Reviews


Baby Sitter Saver


Pros: Only bottle my breastfed baby would take

Cons: more expensive then other options, not bpa free

My breastfed baby refused to take a bottle, from anyone. We tried all the tricks, he would rather go hungry then take a bottle, which meant no rest for Mom. While I loved the bound of breastfeeding I also would have loved to get a break. We finally tried this bottle on a recommendation from another breastfeeder who had gone through a similar situation. Low and behold, baby drank from the bottle. I think it must be something about the shape, but he would take this bottle, and that was wonderful. My husband was also happy to get to be a bigger part of the feeding process (and I was happy not to be the only one who could get up with the baby in the night), so for us this was a great thing. I...
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Negative Reviews


leaky and not BPA-free

We were given these bottles and had them until we learned about BPA and discovered that they were not BPA-free. I am uncertain if they are now BPA-free or not. We had a LOT of problems with these bottles leaking.