Phillips Avent Magic Cups


Pros: Great cup to help the transition for bottle to cup

Cons: Lots of parts

This was a great transition cup for both my sons between bottle and standard sippy cups.  The softer top is helpful for babies used to soft nipples.  Ackward pieces but once you figure it out its easy to put back together.  Its worth it since you only really use them for a few months while they are transitioning.


Pros: these are easy for baby to transition to, especially if you used Avent bottles

Cons: lots of spills, leaking

these are easy for baby to transition to, especially if you used Avent bottles. My son didn't even seem to notice that the spout was different when we transfered it to his baby bottles, then when we added the colored magic cups he just loved them. we don't use the lids that come with the magic cups, they just leak way too much. Instead we use the old lids from the bottles and they don't leak and since the spout is made like the nipples are it just transfers and works great. (you can see what I mean in the action shot I'll post) Overall we are very happy with these cups, and love that they are BPA free.

Phillips Avent Magic Cups

Easy transition from bottle to cup. Non-spill, easy-sip. AVENT Magic is amazingly spill-proof whether shaken, thrown in the air or left on its side, and yet easy to drink from. The spouts with valves also fit the Feeding Bottles so they become spill-proof too. Features Patented Magic Valve controls flow to avoid spillage Hard spout, ideal for teething babies Measurement scale on the cup Snap-on lid to keep spout clean Easy to grip, removable handles Magic spouts and handles also fit the AVENT Bottle

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