Petal Organics Exhilarating Shower Juice Reviews


This shower gel is natural and better than most of the synthetic ones I've tried.


Pros: natural, organic, foamy, leaves slightly scented, well priced, comfortable to use bottle

I got this shower gel a while back, and was very excited about trying it. The first thing I noticed is the bottle. Unlike lots of shower gels I used in the past, it had a pump, which was very handy and helpful, some of the shower gels I tried just leaked out of the bottle, all of the shower gel going down the drain. This shower gel left my skin lightly scented and soft. Its also very foamy - I used a loofah to bubble it up, and it was great. the shower gel is slightly liquid, but its still really nice to use in morning showers, or in evening baths. The scent is very herby, smelling of different types of herbs and some flowers. I'm not a big fan of herb scents, but I actually liked this...
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