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Pegasus Cottage Collection 1.28 GPF Flapperless Toilet Reviews

Positive Reviews


good water saving toilet


Pros: low water use, looks good, comfortable

Cons: a bit large

In terms of installation, the Pegasus is the same as any other toilet. With the exception of some tools (wrench, screwdriver, etc.) the toilet came with everything we needed. We did end up buying a second wax ring just to be sure it didn't leak, and a longer water line because the nipple on the tank is toward the front, whereas on our previous toilet it was toward the back. The instructions were good, and installation was not too difficult. The "flapperless" design is pretty cool. The toilet flapper is the rubber piece that essentially acts as a plug to the water drain inside the tank. This toilet instead simply has a 1.28 gallon container which fills up with water (see images). ...
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Decent performance


Pros: Clean, effective flush. Low water use. Very comfortable. Never waste money, water or time fixing leaking toilets.

Cons: Occasionally clogs. Though not as bad as its replacement.

You have to adjust the water level to the 1.28 setting. It is set at 1.0 from the manufacturer. Flush performance is greatly enhanced at this setting.    Make sure to trip the flush handle quickly. The bucket needs to empty rapidly. Failure to do so results in the occasional clog. Though not as bad as the builder grade toilet it replaced.   We have two of these in the house. We did replace the third toilet with the Niagara Stealth.    The Stealth only uses .8 gallons of water per flush. It has a push button on top. We have yet to have a clog on the Stealth. On three occasions the Stealth seemed like it was clogged, but by the time I got the plunger...
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Has several great features and works pretty good.


Pros: Flushes good, great for manual refill during power outage as we are on well water. Good leaway for variations in the rough in. The toilet bolts are not continuously under water and are not being disolved by my well water.

Cons: Hardly stylish. future availability of parts in question.

I have two of these and they work great. Home Depot is no longer selling them or else I would be buying another. The good news is HD has the the two key parts in stock so I better buy them now. Because of the way it flushes, it is sometimes necessary to pre-fill the bowl so the water area is at least 8' X 6" or about 6.5" below the rim. Once this is done it should maintain this level. I believe that those who had a bad experience either did not do this, had a defective bowl with an obstructed passageway or there is problem with their sewer line or vent system.

Negative Reviews


Pretty, but doesnt work


Pros: looks great

Cons: doesnt flush ANYTHING

We bought this from Home Depot on a clearance deal and loved it because it matched our trim lines, but this unit will not even flush urine! We have tried to adjust it and nothing works. Do not buy this

pegasus flapperless toilet


Pros: none

Cons: everything

This is the worst toilet I have ever seen. I put 3 pieces of toilet paper in and flushed 12 times. Toilet paper has not gone anywhere. It's like dumping a half rain barrel of water down a drain with no pressure. It will be in my truck tomorrow on it's way to the landfill. I thought I was saving energy, all I did was waste $90 some dollars. Now I have to go buy a real toilet. Nice design, Pegasus.   JUNK !!!!  

Not very happy with purchase


Pros: Easy to install

Cons: Intermittent effective weak flush

Because of a baseboard heating system behind the toilet, I am limited to toilet choices because there are few that have bowls that set far enough from the wall.  I chose this brand and model simply because it fit.  The installation was simple and went well.  The old toilet worked perfectly, I just installed this new one because we remodeled and wanted a color change.  The Pegasus has an extremely weak flush which sometimes requires two flushes.  A good deal of the time it will not flush at all allowing the water in the bowl just to lower a bit and then fill up again without any flushing action at all.  I have uninstalled the toilet two times now and checked everything including our house...
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More Reviews


Not bad, weak flush


Pros: Low water usage

Cons: Seat

I read the reviews here, and thought the worst problem would be the water splashing out the back, which sounded fixable, so I bought one.  At first I too had water on the floor after each flush, but it wasn't coming out the back (which I'd duct taped anyway, just in case).  Turned out it was leaking from the gasket between the tank & bowl, and after tightening the bolts more than I thought I should, the problem was solved.   The worst design problem I think is with the seat.  First, the bolts holding the seat down are much smaller than the holes in the toilet, and so there is too much play with the seat.  A little squirming results in the whole seat sliding over the edge of the bowl. ...
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Pegasus 2 piece toilet


Pros: Looks Good.

Cons: Worst toilet ever.Seat will pinch your leg.Rod on water tray keeps coming loose allowing water to keep running.Does not clean toilet when flushed.

This is the worst toilet ever. I did not need a new toilet, and only bought one to conserve water.The seat on the toilet was loose and tightening it did not help.The seat would tilt sideways and pinch your leg.I had to replace it. The rod that comes out of the water tray does not go far enough in to the slot and on occasion will fall out dumping the water out and the toilet will keep running wasting water.You have to physically remove the top and get the rod back in.If you do not get your paper and waste to the back of the bowl it will not flush it down.You will have to flush a 2nd and 3rd time. I hate this toilet and consider it a total rip off due to such poor design and quality.SShame...
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Absolutely worthless


Pros: Appearance

Cons: where do I start, weak flush or water leakage

This is by far the worst toilet ever dreamed up by some geek who thought he/she new what they were doing, but failed, badly. The only 2 decent qualities of this product are its appearance and the ease of installation, and that's not saying much. because most toilets are very easy to install. There are major problems with the flush tank, 1) It does not deliver a decent flush no mater what is flushed. There is not enough pressure, period. Due to this the toilet must be flushed two or three times wasting allot and I mean allot of water. 2) whenever the tank is flushed water shoots out the back at the lid. There are two weep/vent holes at top rear of the tank that are not needed. I filled...
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Wish I had never bought it


Pros: Less water

Cons: Too many to list

Hate it.  It doesnt clean the entire bowl, most of the front remains untouched when flushing. Specialty parts - where am I supposed to get replacement parts?  Home Depot isnt going to carry parts just for this 1 toilet. Clogs often.

Pegasus worthless


Pros: Non

Cons: Everything

  I am a licensed plumber, to get my credentials out of the way.  My husband is handicapped and purchased this toilet because he really is better off with the handicap height.  This is the absolute worst toilet I have ever used.  The installation is no different than any other toilet except perhaps the water supply is a bit forward.  No problem with the thing splashing out or anything like that.  The elongated bowl plus lack of enough water, plus lack of circulating flush action means a filthy bowl.  Period.  I have had to push the toilet paper into "position" in order for it to flush...also what goes along with it.  This was after 5 attempts the last time.  I'm removing it, replacing it...
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Bulky and inefficient


Pros: none

Cons: doesn't do its job!

I wanted to get the most eco-friendly toilet I could afford so chose the Pegasus. I am very disappointed with its lack of performance. It just doesn't flush solids on the first- or sometimes third- go. It has been installed correctly, the problem is with the shape of the bowl in my opinion. Plus it is a very weak flush. Big shame. I have deliberately left Ease of Installation as N/A; it was bulky and heavy nut no more complicated to install than any other toilet. I don't have any other products by this manufacturer. And won't be rushing to buy any, either.

Pegasus toilet design flaw


Pros: nice looking

Cons: functions very poorly

This toilet has a definite design flaw. But I'm not completely sure whether there were also installation problems as well. The installers did not seem to know very much about flaperless toilets. When you 'twist' the handle to dump the reservoir on the Pegasus 1.28, water splashes out of the air intake holes at the top of the back of the tank, runs down the wall and on to the floor. In my case, it only splashed out of the right side, apparently because the installation is not level. The only solution the installer could come up with was to lower the water level in the dump tray. The result is that the toilet flushes with about 1 gallon or less of water, which is not enough to flush much of...
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Design Flaw


Pros: Product is water usage efficient, as promised.

Cons: Design flaw causes tank leak.

When toilet is flushed, the water tub tips forward dumping water to front bottom of tank. Water then splashes to back of tank, up the back wall of the tank and out the two tank rear lip indentations onto the wall behind the tank and down the outside of the tank onto the floor. Product needs to go back to drawing board to correct tank splash/leak problem.  Retro-fit corrective solution also needs to be created and provided to current owners, if product is to become more than just a pretty throne.

Pegasus Toilet


Pros: none at all

This the worst toilet we have ever owned.  You have to flush it 2 or 3 times to empty it.  You even have to hold down the flush handle to flush it!  The finish started to wear off the bowl and it's impossible to clean. I can't imagine in htis day and age how such a poor quality product came to be offered for sale to the public.
Mark S

Excellent Toilet


Pros: Great Flushing power

Cons: Availability, hard to find

I was completely shocked by all the negative reviews on this toilet.  I have installed 100's of toilets and this one crushes all of them with regards to flapper vs flapperless.   The reason I tried this toilet was to get away from the flapper style because my municipal water supply is loaded with calcium which in very short time causes flappers to fail (calcium builds up around the flappers and causes them to leak and it is expensive to pay for the lost water).  I was reluctant to buy this toilet because I didn't know anything about them but I am glad I bought it and wish that I had bought one for every toilet I had.  (I have rental units).   What is...
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