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Pegasus Cottage Collection 1.28 GPF Flapperless Toilet


Pros: Low water usage

Cons: Seat

I read the reviews here, and thought the worst problem would be the water splashing out the back, which sounded fixable, so I bought one.  At first I too had water on the floor after each flush, but it wasn't coming out the back (which I'd duct taped anyway, just in case).  Turned out it was leaking from the gasket between the tank & bowl, and after tightening the bolts more than I thought I should, the problem was solved. 


The worst design problem I think is with the seat.  First, the bolts holding the seat down are much smaller than the holes in the toilet, and so there is too much play with the seat.  A little squirming results in the whole seat sliding over the edge of the bowl.  I think I've solved that by putting a ring of tacky material under the seat around the bolt.  There should be a bushing, but this seems to work too.  The next problem is probably due to the plastic nature of the seat, which allows too much play between the seat and hinge, but it is exacerbated by the slippery landing strips (I can't think of the real name) under the seat.  I fixed this problem by putting a layer of silicon calk on each strip.  Finally, when sitting on the cover, any sideways movement causes the cover to slide off of the seat to one side or the other.  I'm still working on this one.  All in all, kind of shabby for a seat supposedly designed for the toilet.  The slow close thing works okay, but it is probably not like an expensive seat, and may not continue to work as well as when new.  Oh, and the seat would be a lot easier to put on before the tank is bolted.  It's not really a problem, just an annoyance.


Finally, so far it has not shown any signs of clogging, but it also hasn't left a completely clean flush.  Testing and adjustments continue.  It works well enough that I calked around the base and sent in the city rebate form, so there you go.  One thumb up.


Pros: low water use, looks good, comfortable

Cons: a bit large

In terms of installation, the Pegasus is the same as any other toilet. With the exception of some tools (wrench, screwdriver, etc.) the toilet came with everything we needed. We did end up buying a second wax ring just to be sure it didn't leak, and a longer water line because the nipple on the tank is toward the front, whereas on our previous toilet it was toward the back. The instructions were good, and installation was not too difficult.

The "flapperless" design is pretty cool. The toilet flapper is the rubber piece that essentially acts as a plug to the water drain inside the tank. This toilet instead simply has a 1.28 gallon container which fills up with water (see images). Once it reaches a certain level (the 1.28 gallon mark), the water shuts off automatically. When you push the handle to flush the toilet, it simply rotates the water container to dump out the water, and it then gets refilled. Very simple design, and it works great. Despite the low amount of water used, it flushes everything without a problem.

This particular toilet has the elongated bowl design. Personally I prefer the round bowl design, but they didn't have any ultra-low flow round bowl toilets at Home Depot. It's a very nice looking toilet though, and comes with 3 handles to choose from (white, silver, and brushed silver). It's also a little extra tall (they call it "comfort height").

Overall I'm very happy with the Pegasus toilet. It looks good, saves a ton of water, is cleverly designed, and works great. It's a relatively inexpensive toilet too. Many of the 1.6 gallon toilets were over $200.


A year later it's still working great.  It's only clogged up once and almost always flushes everything down on the first try.  Works just as well as any toilet I've ever had.


Pros: looks great

Cons: doesnt flush ANYTHING

We bought this from Home Depot on a clearance deal and loved it because it matched our trim lines, but this unit will not even flush urine! We have tried to adjust it and nothing works. Do not buy this


Pros: Clean, effective flush. Low water use. Very comfortable. Never waste money, water or time fixing leaking toilets.

Cons: Occasionally clogs. Though not as bad as its replacement.

You have to adjust the water level to the 1.28 setting. It is set at 1.0 from the manufacturer. Flush performance is greatly enhanced at this setting. 


Make sure to trip the flush handle quickly. The bucket needs to empty rapidly. Failure to do so results in the occasional clog. Though not as bad as the builder grade toilet it replaced.


We have two of these in the house. We did replace the third toilet with the Niagara Stealth. 


The Stealth only uses .8 gallons of water per flush. It has a push button on top. We have yet to have a clog on the Stealth. On three occasions the Stealth seemed like it was clogged, but by the time I got the plunger out it had fully flushed.


I would buy the Niagara Stealth over this toilet.


Pros: none

Cons: everything

This is the worst toilet I have ever seen. I put 3 pieces of toilet paper in and flushed 12 times. Toilet paper has not gone anywhere. It's like dumping a half rain barrel of water down a drain with no pressure. It will be in my truck tomorrow on it's way to the landfill. I thought I was saving energy, all I did was waste $90 some dollars. Now I have to go buy a real toilet. Nice design, Pegasus.   JUNK !!!!  


Pros: Easy to install

Cons: Intermittent effective weak flush

Because of a baseboard heating system behind the toilet, I am limited to toilet choices because there are few that have bowls that set far enough from the wall.  I chose this brand and model simply because it fit.  The installation was simple and went well.  The old toilet worked perfectly, I just installed this new one because we remodeled and wanted a color change.  The Pegasus has an extremely weak flush which sometimes requires two flushes.  A good deal of the time it will not flush at all allowing the water in the bowl just to lower a bit and then fill up again without any flushing action at all.  I have uninstalled the toilet two times now and checked everything including our house plumbing or the outside chance there may be some obstruction in the toilet itself.  Although not a professional, I am a fairly savy do-it-your-selfer and am convinced the the Pegasus has real problems.  Will be ripping it out and finding a different brand that will fit the installation requirements.  Beware!
Almost forgot!  The original seat was worthless.  It was super cheap and looked like it was made for completely different toilet bowl.  Replaced the first day.


Pros: Looks Good.

Cons: Worst toilet ever.Seat will pinch your leg.Rod on water tray keeps coming loose allowing water to keep running.Does not clean toilet when flushed.

This is the worst toilet ever. I did not need a new toilet, and only bought one to conserve water.The seat on the toilet was loose and tightening it did not help.The seat would tilt sideways and pinch your leg.I had to replace it. The rod that comes out of the water tray does not go far enough in to the slot and on occasion will fall out dumping the water out and the toilet will keep running wasting water.You have to physically remove the top and get the rod back in.If you do not get your paper and waste to the back of the bowl it will not flush it down.You will have to flush a 2nd and 3rd time. I hate this toilet and consider it a total rip off due to such poor design and quality.SShame on Home Depot for selling it.


Pros: Appearance

Cons: where do I start, weak flush or water leakage

This is by far the worst toilet ever dreamed up by some geek who thought he/she new what they were doing, but failed, badly. The only 2 decent qualities of this product are its appearance and the ease of installation, and that's not saying much. because most toilets are very easy to install. There are major problems with the flush tank, 1) It does not deliver a decent flush no mater what is flushed. There is not enough pressure, period. Due to this the toilet must be flushed two or three times wasting allot and I mean allot of water. 2) whenever the tank is flushed water shoots out the back at the lid. There are two weep/vent holes at top rear of the tank that are not needed. I filled these with epoxy and plastic no-rot  and I still get water down the back of the tank and on the wall. 3) The box says chair height, 16.5", well the chairs in my house are 17" and when I measured the bowl from the floor it is 16". Misleading, I think so. 4) I've tried to contact the company but get no reply by phone or e-mail and Home Depot (another joke) will not take it back because it has been used. Do yourself a favor. go with a a name brand that has a Fluidmaster type flush system


Pros: Less water

Cons: Too many to list

Hate it. 
It doesnt clean the entire bowl, most of the front remains untouched when flushing.
Specialty parts - where am I supposed to get replacement parts?  Home Depot isnt going to carry parts just for this 1 toilet.
Clogs often.


Pros: Non

Cons: Everything

  I am a licensed plumber, to get my credentials out of the way.  My husband is handicapped and purchased this toilet because he really is better off with the handicap height.  This is the absolute worst toilet I have ever used.  The installation is no different than any other toilet except perhaps the water supply is a bit forward.  No problem with the thing splashing out or anything like that.  The elongated bowl plus lack of enough water, plus lack of circulating flush action means a filthy bowl.  Period.  I have had to push the toilet paper into "position" in order for it to flush...also what goes along with it.  This was after 5 attempts the last time.  I'm removing it, replacing it with my old one and someday after we've recouped the $100+ plus loss, buy ANOTHER BRAND.  I feel bad for anyone who had to pay someone to install this incredible P.O.S.
Pegasus Cottage Collection 1.28 GPF Flapperless Toilet

Pegasus Cottage Collection 1.28 GPF all-in-one HET Flapperless elongated toilet in white. Uses Niagara Flapperless flush technology which eliminates flappers or any other type of seal in your toilet. 1.28 GPF cannot be increased. Uses 63% less water than a common 3.5 GPF toilet. All-in-one packaging - toilet bowl, toilet tank, toilet seat, wax ring with mounting bolts and matching plastic bolt caps are packed in the same carton. Coordinates with 843-274 Cottage Collection Ped/Lav. Grade "A" vitreous china and carries a limited lifetime warranty. * Patented 1.28 GPF HET Niagara Flapperless flush system * Comes with flush handles in 3 finishes * All-in-one pack includes the toilet bowl, toilet tank, toilet seat, wax ring with mounting bolts and matching plastic bolt caps * Limited lifetime warranty * EcoOption : Eco Options * MFG Model # : 840-565 * MFG Part # : 840-565

Additional Featuresflapperless
Gallons per Flush (primary)1.28
Bowl Shapeelongated
Pressure Assisted
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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