Peelu Natural Toothpaste

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Pros: Makes my mouth clean

You really have to get used to this toothpaste, but give it a good go. It's gritty, which is unusual, but in the long run once you get used to it you'll never want to switch to antoher paste.

Peelu Natural Toothpaste

Clean your teeth the natural way! Peelu Toothpaste provides safe, effective dental care with a 100% natural, state-of-the-art formula. Most toothpastes and polishes contain harsh, gritty abrasives like sand (silica), chalk (calcium carbonate) or animal bone (dicalcium phosphate), all of which can irritate gums and damage teeth by thinning the enamel layer. This can cause teeth to yellow and be more sensitive to heat and cold. Peelu Toothpaste uses the soft fibers of the peelu plant to bring you a gentle, nonabrasive toothpaste that works naturally to clean and brighten your teeth. Unlike most other brands, Peelu Toothpaste is sugar-free, contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and uses only natural flavorings. Discover for yourself the advantages of natural dental care with Peelu.

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