Peak Organic Beer

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This is the only organic beer available at our grocery store but we are not complaining since we really like it. It costs 2-3 dollars more than the beer we usually got (for the 12 pack), not a huge difference. We tried 2 different kinds of ale, the only ones they have here, and we liked all of them, even though I did not notice a huge difference in the taste between them. I like that the taste is clean and crisp and will definitely be purchasing again. Our friends who tried it were converted as well. I think that says something!

Peak Organic Beer

about Peak Organic Brewing Company We are a small brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using the world’s best ingredients. We believe that using barley and hops that are grown without toxic and persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers makes our beer tastier and more enjoyable, both for you and for the planet.

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