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PeaceMeals Weekly Meal Plans


Pros: healthy food, eco-friendly business

In the interest of full disclosure, my sister runs PeaceMeals.


That being said, I honestly like the service.  PeaceMeals provides the option of either delivering a weekly meal plan and recipes, or also shipping you a box with all the necessary ingredients for those meals.  Personally I prefer just the recipes and meal plan, because it gives me more leeway.  The boxes provide a week's worth of meals for one person - 7 each of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Each week there are two new menus, a basic and a premium, which has more protein and fruits/veggies and such.  You can request some recipes from each plan for any given week, which helps avoid getting stuck with a food you don't like.


So what I do is choose my 4 recipes in a given week, then go to the farmer's market and get as many ingredients there as possible.  The recipes are always healthy, and often things I wouldn't think to try on my own.  The main reason I like PeaceMeals is that it gets me trying new, healthy foods.


As for the company itself, they use biodiesel to get to the store to buy the ingredients, and buy carbon credits to offset the emissions associated with shipping the boxes of food (if you order a box and not just recipes).  That's very cool.  You can get the recipes and meal plans for $15 per week, or the boxes of ingredients for $40-60 per week.  For a week's worth of food that's a good value, and I can attest that it's truly a week's worth of food.


If the concept intrigues you, personally I'd recommend giving it a try.  You can either order one week's meals or sign up for a weekly subscription, so trying it out once is easy to do.

PeaceMeals Weekly Meal Plans

For $15 a week, you receive a healthy meal plan, the recipes you need for it, and a shopping list organized by area of the store (produce, cereal, and so on). (If you live in the Bay Area, we can even offer suggestions for the best place to buy each ingredient.) For $40 a week plus shipping, you receive a box stuffed with fresh, delicious ingredients; easy-to-prepare recipes; and a suggested meal plan - everything you need for the week, without ever having to leave the house! Or choose our $60 a week option and receive an even healthier spread: high-protein meals, more fruits and veggies, no refined sugar, and gluten-free for digestive health (and for our gluten-intolerant customers)! It's like having your very own personal shopper. No more crowded grocery stores. No more running between several stores to find the best prices. No more impulse buys at the cash register. No more frozen dinners, fast-food runs, or processed junk. Instead, you'll get exciting, delicious, organic meals that are easy to cook.

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