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Party In My Pants Cloth Pads


Pros: comfortable,effective,fun fabrics,great customer service

Cons: too many cute prints to choose from

   I had heard that switching to reusables would change the way I felt about my period and I was skeptical. I mean really can a product really make that much of a difference? Yes it can!! I found PIMPs by accident and am so happy I did. Luci and Lydia have a great product and exceptional customer service. I no longer dread my period and I am so happy to spread the joy. 

   PIMPs are easy to care for, leak free, so comfortable you forget you're wearing them, they stay put with no yucky sticky, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. They only downside is that they are always making more cute pads and I keep wanting to buy more and more! 

   I really can't emphasize the wonderful customer service enough. My preferred size is no longer made, but Lydia found some old stock and emailed me to let me know they were available and at a discounted price! I am so pleased with these pads, I can't wait for the party to start.



Pros: thin, comfy, absorbant

Cons: price

Since I like to research things thoroughly, when I decided to switch to cloth pads I read a lot about the different types and ordered a few different ones from different places.


PIMPs are an all-in-one solution that is for me more convenient, and compared to other pads that I ordered from various crafters they are thinner. This has 2 advantages, first you can't feel them much, especially the medium ones (which made me nervous at first because it felt like wearing nothing) and second they dry faster, so you can wash them during your cycle and reuse. Even though they are thin, they are amazingly absorbent, which makes sense since cloth is more absorbent than paper. I have only used them for a couple of months but never had a leak, while with disposable ones, I would have at least a tiny leak every month. So, bottom line they are effective.


I don't find them as pretty as some of the other pads I bought (like from yurtcraft) and they are quite pricey compared to pads I found on, but they occasionally have sales where you can get older colors for much cheaper.


Washing them is not as bad as I though it would be and within a few days of using them you will find a system that works for you. I rinse them well and let them dry before I throw them in a mesh bag in my laundry bin. Stains are an issue with lighter colored ones so sometimes I soak them with some oxy clean type of stain remover.


Another thing to watch out for is the different sizes. I ordered some liners from them that are way too narrow for regular panties (2"). I find that anything over 2.5" wide is better for me. And depending on your flow you should think of what length you are going to need. I got a couple of each size for different days of my cycle.


Pros: saves money, comfortable, reusable,

I've used these and GladRags, both, and feel each has it's merits suitable to different days of cycle and such.


Normally a cloth pad does not need to be as thick or bulky as a standard pad.  Cloth pads tend to be much more comfortable... it feels like underwear against your skin rather than the plasticy/non-cloth feel of single-use pads.  Also, no mishaps of adhesive areas getting twisted and sticking to you. -That sweatiness and/or chaffing that occurs at times with the plastics of other pads isn't there when using cloth.


They also definitely save you money over time.


The cloth patterns are varied and are just more pleasant to have to look at and use than standard pads.


Pros: They feel like part of your undies, waterproof backing means no leaks, cute designs

I generally use these as backup, because I love my Keeper/Diva cups.  They are very absorbant though, and don't feel gross the way most pads do.  They feel like just a normal part of your underwear.  The backing on them is waterproof, which means NO LEAKS!  What isn't to love?


They come in colorful, cute designs, have organic cotton pads available, and last for ages.  I think I first bought mine about four years ago, and haven't needed to replace a single one.



Party In My Pants Cloth Pads

Party In My Pants will change the way you think and feel about your period. Forget trashy disposables and say hello to soft, gorgeous cloth pads. For the first time you'll actually look forward to that time of the month and when it comes you'll be comfier and happier than ever before. This isn't marketing mumbo-jumbo. It's what women tell us over and over: Even women whose first reaction was, “No way, not for me.” Even women who'd sworn off pads 'til hell froze over. Even the most skeptical women turn around and say, “I love my PIMPs!” (PIMP = Party In My Pants) The secret? A period product designed by real women for real women. A menstrual helper that doesn't leak, bunch, or feel bulky. And did we mention Party In My Pants pads come in the loveliest, wackiest, cutest patterns ever? With Party In My Pants, you'll be sittin' pretty in style and comfort.

SizeSmall, Medium, Large, Overnight, Liners
Additional FeaturesSnap closures on wings, waterproof backing, more absorbant than typical pads
TypeSanitary napkin
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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