Pangea Organics Shower Gel

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This has a very invigorating and refreshing smell and does a great job. It suds well and even though the suds don't last very long it generally leaves the skin squeaky clean. The scent dosen't linger on the skin either. It seems very concentrated and I would buy it again, only I find it a bit too pricey for a shower gel....

Pangea Organics Shower Gel

Pangea's Shower Gels are state of the art formulations that rely on nothing but nature to give people the cleanest clean possible made entirely without synthetic preservatives, sulfates or detergents of any kind. You may have noticed, they are thicker than most. That's because they're concentrated to last longer. While other companies tend to water theirs down, Pangea prefer to give their customers nothing but the good stuff.

Additional Features
TypeShower gel
Release Date
Percent Natural
Percent Organic
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Shower Gel Egyptian Basil & Mint47547922
Canadian Pine with White Sage Shower Gel41136621
Indian Lemongrass with Rosemary38669834
Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Shower Gel41145123
Italian White Sage with Geranium & Yarrow38650478
Malagasy Ylang Ylang Linden Flower Shower Gel41145136