Pangea Organics Facial Toner Reviews


Best smelling toner ever

I like this Pangea toner a lot.  It smells great, it's made from natural ingredients, the glass bottle is recyclable, and the packaging is "plantable" (meaning it has seeds embedded into the box so you can bury it and have it grow).  My skin isn't very oily but sometimes you need something to just feel fresh under your lotion.  I would choose this over any conventional toner as it's not harsh.  If you're really in the market for an intense astringent, this might not be for you.  But for something gentler that's not drying, I highly recommend this product.

Best Toner ever!


Pros: smell, works great, organic

Cons: the price maybe

I got this because it was on sale for $10, otherwise I might not have risked paying full price but I did not regret it. I am now sold on this company and will be trying more stuff by them. I use it in the afternoon and evening after cleansing my face and it really feels good, tightens my skin and dries very fast. I don't use it in the morning since some essential oils make skin sensitive to the sun. I have problem skin and I have been getting less blemishes since I started using this. I have tried all kinds of products before and they almost never worked! I realized that certain essential oils are the best thing for blemishes and this one has the added bonus that they use organic and...
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