Pangea Organics Facial Cream Reviews

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Love the fennel, rosemary and mint cream!


Pros: Smells great, nice and light

This face cream is certainly not cheap but I am amazed every day that just two little pumps (maybe a dime size amount of cream) covers my whole face and neck. It's a nice and light cream but it's got some good moisturizing power behind it. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or feeling caked in lotion. I also think the rosemary/mint and fennel scent is very refreshing (it's the only one I've tried). It layers nicely under makeup. Oh, and it's not packaged in plastic and you can bury the box it comes in and I think it sprouts some kind of herb mixture!

Negative Reviews


All Around Organic Goodness


Pros: Smells Lovely, Organic

Cons: Not sure it does much

I won this product from Huddler and I have been using it the last few days in the morning and before bed.  I must say I love the packaging, smell and texture...It is not too thick and seems to absorb well.  I'm not sure it is really doing anything for my skin as I don't really see much of a difference but, it is a great base before putting on makeup that's for sure.

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High Quality Product!


Pros: moisturizes very well, not oily, no synthetics, nice fragrance

Cons: the pump doesn't get all of the product our of the bottle when it's almost empty

I love this line of's one of THE best skincare lines I've ever used...and I've tried almost all of them (I have extremely sensitive skin, so I'm always looking for products that don't cause me to have a skin reaction). This product does exactly what it says it does...moisturizes your skin with no synthetics or man-made chemicals. It feels very clean and smells great! I do have one small problem with this product: actually, my problem is with the container, not the product. When there is only a little bit left in the bottle, you can not get the last remaining drops with the pump. I have to take the pump off and shake the moisturizer out. By doing...
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