Pangea Organics Bar Soaps


Pros: Sustainable packaging, no artifical frangrances or ingredients, healthy results

Cons: Small bar, doesn't last as long as other brands

Soap Hope loves Pangea Organics because this soap maker goes above and beyond the call of sustainability with these bar soaps. As stated before in other reviews, you can actually plant the cartons in the ground and a sprout will grow several weeks later. These cartons are completely biodegradable, being made from 100% post consumer paper and the text is printed with vegetable-based inks.

The soap is simple too. Without any superfluous fragrance or color adornments, this soap is unabashedly pure. Maffers87 (below) probably used Oatmeal with Italian Bergamot from Pangea. Oatmeal is rich in vitamins and Bergamot is known as a deep cleansing ingredient.

Ingredients in these soaps are 100% disclosed on the packaging. In Oatmeal and Italian Bergamot (sold at Soap Hope), the ingredients are as follows:

Saponified organic soybean oil, saponified organice extra virgin olive oil, saponified organice coconut oil, saponifed manitoba harvest organice hemp seed oil, bermaot oil, lemon oil, Indonesian patchouli oil, lavendin oil, organic oats, rosewood oil, rosemary extract.

Anything that is highly water soluable will dissintegrate faster than something synthetic. Commercial soap bars will last longer but will crack and dry out, leaving your skin looking just as parched. It's actually a good sign that some all-natural soaps gently fade away in the shower after lots of use, this means that you aren't putting harsh chemicals onto your skin. On the back label, Pangea reccomends keeping these bars out of standing water so can last longer.

But if you've got kids and a busy schedule, keeping track of the soap bar is the least of your worries. To keep your finances a float without giving into the dark side of cheap, synthetic soaps, you can buy the all-natural Pangea products at Soap Hope for low prices.

You can buy the Tunisian Olive Oil and Coconut bar from Pangea at Soap Hope for $5.99 + only $1.99 in shipping (only 24-48 hours until delivery!), or pay $8 on with $7 in shipping costs.

It's with these kinds of all-natural, all-goodd ingredients that Pangea Organics excels. At Soap Hope, we also sell:
Pyrenees Lavender with Damiana Tea Bar Soap

Italian White Sage Geranium and Yarrow Bar Soap

Indian Green Tea with Mint and Rose Petals Bar Soap

At Soap Hope, we only sell what we personally use. Pangea gets our stamp of approval for high quality, effective results and environmental sustainability.

Kristin S.
Soap Hope Supporter and Suds Sooth Sayer


Pros: Great Package

Cons: "melts" fast

I tried the lavender sent.  It was really nice and "herbie".  I liked how the product cleaned and smelled.  I didn't like how fast the soap went.  Having kids and an oblivious hubbie the soap didn't always get put up in a dry space after being used.  Therefore it melted very quickly.  If it were just me using the soap it would have lasted longer and would be worth the money more.

The best thing about the product is the package that it comes in.  It has seeds in the cardboard!! What a totally cool idea.  I can't wait until spring to plant my soap box.

Very cool product and would be a very nice gift for someone.


Pros: Great Fragrances, Biodegradable box

Cons: none

 My husband and I buy this soap quite often.  It comes in many different  natural fragrances.  You're left felling fresh without the guilt .   Not only is the box biodegradable but you can plant it!  There are seeds inbedded in the box! I just wish they would make larger bars for families!   


Pros: Smells Good, Cleared Skin, Great Packagin

This has got to be my favorite soap of all time, I can't remember which scent I bought. I think there was Oatmeal in it though for exfoliating. I would recommend this!!

Pangea Organics Bar Soaps

Everything in these bars has been chosen with mindful intention to give you the purest, most nourishing soap possible. Hand crafted and made with the finest organic oils: Extra Virgin Olive, Hemp, Coconut & Soy. Pure organic essential oils & herbal extracts nourish the skin and soothe the soul. Creates a luscious lather every time. Packaged in Pangea Organics' zero waste packaging - plant the box and watch it grow! Packaging is fully compostable and contains organic seeds of either sweet basil or amaranth - further instructions in packaging.

Additional Features
TypeBar soap
Release Date
Percent Natural
Percent Organic
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Pyrenees Lavender with Damiana Tea34406453
Oatmeal with Italian Bergamot38690897
Italian White Sage, Geranium, Yarrow38670371