Paihama Socks


Pros: Comfort, warmth, durability, weight

Paihama socks are the best socks I've owned.  I'm a hiker, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast who goes through socks like crazy.  I also have problems with socks that give me foot odor after a long, active day outside.


Paihama socks are lighter and warmer than my other wool socks.  They are made with the fur of the common New Zealand brushtail possum.  The possum is a threat to New Zealand's native forests.  This company is the only place to buy paihama wool socks in the US.  A truly unique product of amazing quality.  Worth the extra money.

Paihama Socks

Our premium unisex socks come in Denim, Natural and Black and are available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. Paihama’s unique blend of natural fibers creates a magical experience for your feet. What are Paihama socks made of? We begin with - * 50% New Zealand Merino Wool New Zealand Merino Wool is world famous for being the highest quality wool. It is renowned for its natural elasticity, luster, resilience, strength, warmth and softness, and it gives these socks all the durability, comfort and moisture-wicking qualities you’ve come to love in wool. Then we add - * 40% Paihama Fiber Paihama fiber is light, soft and luxurious like cashmere. Not only is Paihama surprisingly silky, it also has exceptional thermal qualities due to its hollow fiber, which is the warmest and lightest natural fiber on Earth. Paihama gives twice the warmth of wool at only half the weight. It also repels moisture and is odor resistant. Completed with - * 10% Nylon To this unbeatable combination of natural fibers, we add 10% nylon to strengthen the elasticity and help the socks hold their shape.

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