P3 International Kill A Watt Reviews


Helps you understand your power usage


Pros: Easy, informative

Cons: Might have more features than most people want

When you get your power bill at the end of the month, it probably tells you how much you used in gas vs. electricity, but that's about it. Some months the bill goes up, some months it goes down. But do you really understand why? This product can help. A friend loaned me one of these for a few months and it really helped me understand power usage around the house. It's pretty simple. You plug it into the wall, and then plug your electrical appliance into it. The digital readout tells you how many watts the appliance is using. It's that easy. It has a few options, too, that can provide more information. For example, you can leave it on all night and it will tell you how much cumulative...
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Awsome little device!


Pros: Helps me plan power saving strategies and determine vampire power.

Cons: ...non yet.

I have used this device for a couple years now - helps me determine what actual power usage is from various devices and appliances around my home.  I mainly use the "watts" and "Kilowat Hours/Clock" features.  Easy to use.  Small to store.  It allows for quick tests for vampire and other loads, or you can leave it plugged in - to a refrigerator, for example - for a week or month. I tested my fridges for a full month to get the various usage and power cycle loads captured over time - was very VERY handy for that.  Love it!!!

Easily measure electrical power usage


Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Could be more accurate

This is a very useful product, which can help reduce your power consumption by determining how much power each electrical device/appliance you have uses. The two primary modes of operation are: 1) Watts, where you can measure instantaneous power consumption, and: 2) Kilowatt-hours, where you can determine average power consumption over extended time periods.  The first mode is more effective for devices that use the same amount of power all the time (like a light bulb), the second mode is more effective for devices that vary their power consumption over time (like a refrigerator). My one complaint would be that it seems to read low by one watt (approximately).

GREAT tool!


Pros: You won't believe what your appliances use!

Cons: I need a 220 volt version with higher amperage capability.

I was amazed at the differences in my 2 full size refrigerators. The one I thought was newer and more efficient used 67 KW per month. The one I WAS going to replace uses 42 KW per month. Money well spent!

Kill A Watt is worth it


Pros: small, inexpensive, accurate,

Cons: no backlighting

The main reason that Prius drivers get such good mileage is arguably not because they are such efficient cars, but that the real-time feedback of mileage makes drivers radically change their behavior.  Enter the Kill-A-Watt.  I bought one for my residential energy audit company last year and use it every time I go on site.  I basically plug an appliance into the device, get a readout, and take a picture.  This seals the number and appliance's energy usage into the customer's brain.  From then on out they know exactly how much power it uses.  It can really change the way people act in a very concrete way.  Buy it for your own home for a similar revelation.

awesome power monitoring tool


Pros: kill those Watts!

I love my Kill-A-Watt.  I use it mostly to monitor how much energy it takes to recharge my EVD electric moped.  It's also useful for figuring out how much energy various appliances are using, and whether you've got any problems with vampire power. Very simple to use - just plug your appliance into the Kill-A-Watt, which gets plugged into the power outlet.  Then the various buttons tell you how many watts/amps/vots the appliance is drawing.  The pink button keeps a running tab of how much energy (in kilowatt-hours) your appliance has sucked up. It's a really useful tool to have around the house!