organix Nourishing Coconut Milk conditioner Reviews

Jodi Jackson

all around great conditioner


Pros: eco and animal friendly

Cons: I wish the you got more per bottle

I love that it's eco friendly including the bottle. It's curbside recycleable. This product does not test on animals which to me is equally important but I'm not sure if the ingredients used are tested on animals.  Whole foods is good for that. It smells good for both men and women and when you rinse it out your hair feels clean not slimy.  The Shea Butter is good to.

It was really great stuff!


Pros: eco friendly, great smell, worked well.

Going from non-natural conditioner to this conditioner, I found that it didn't moisturize my hair quite like other non-organic conditioners did, but I figure that the lack of chemicals in the product were the cause of that, and that is perfectly fine with me.

goes with the shampoo well


Pros: cheap, easily found, nice lasting scent, hydrating

Cons: can be overly hydrating, I don't think it's ALL organic

 Goes well with the shampoo, my favorite organic hair product, can get greasy though, still beats ALL cheap hair care I've bought off the shelf before. In other words, I can use this often, but not always, it builds up. I haven't found a "perfect" reasonably priced hair product that is on a shelf somewhere I actually go!