Organic Valley Butter


Pros: My lowfat chocolate pound cake has the perfect texture only when I use Organic Valley's cultured butter.

Cons: It is worth the cost.

I'm particular about the ingredients that go into my lowfat chocolate pound cake. I use King Arthur white wheat flour, Ghirardelli cocoa, and eggs from a nearby farm that lets chickens walk around and gives them organic feed. But the texture was only perfect after I changed from Land O''Lakes to Organic Valley butter.

So First off I hate most butter once it is baked to a temperature beyond melting. I love margarine and can taste "butter" in any baked item and usually hate it.  Today, after 35 yrs of hating butter i ate this adn LOVED it.  BAKED.
Organic Valley Butter

The Nation's Best Butter! Organic Valley Family of Farms' award-winning butter is prized by gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. We start with our certified organic whole milk, separate it, and churn the cream into the award-winning butter that wins national and world acclaim, year after year. Cultured Butter Our cultured butter achieves a rich butter taste through introducing a live culture and slowly ripening the cream. You'll think you've never really tasted butter before! Salted Butter A longstanding award winner, Organic Valley's Salted Butter is the coop's signature item—a favorite with professional chefs and culinary artists throughout the country! European Style Butter Our organic Old World butter has an exquisitely tart flavor and a supreme 84% butterfat prized by professional bakers and chefs. Perfect for flaky pastry! Pasture Butter Organic Valley’s Pasture Butter is a limited edition, rich, delicious, nutritional powerhouse made from the milk of organic cows eating the nutrient dense pasture that grows during May through September. Milk from summer pasture produces butter unusually high in nutritional benefits. Pasture Butter contains elevated levels of beneficial fatty acids - CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids in an optimal ratio. In production we add a lactic acid culture to the milk to ripen the cream and bring out the natural sweetness of the butter. Upon reaching perfection in the culture tanks, the cream is churned in small batches. Pasture Butter is churned longer than other butters, lowering the moisture content, and increasing the fat content to 84% butterfat. Whipped To make our Organic Whipped Butter, we start with the sweet cream of our humanely raised, pastured organic dairy cows, churn it to a perfect butter consistency, and then whip it with filtered air to allow for easier spreading.

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