Organic Pastures Organic Raw Kombucha Reviews


Rather too sweet for me


Pros: Organic

Cons: Too sweet, smaller bottles

So, I've taken to kombucha lately.  I was interested when a new kind showed up in Whole Foods.  I clearly had to test it out because I think quite highly of Kombucha Botanica and GT's Kombucha.  This one isn't bad.  But comparatively, it's really not what I was expecting.   This Organic Pastures Kombucha is a lot sweeter than either of the other two and definitely not effervescent.  If you're looking to drink a kombucha that's more like juice, you might like this one.  But I was hankering for a lighter flavor and more of the "kombucha" taste that I had gotten used to.  So this one didn't really do it for me. The other thing about the Organic Pastures kind is that it's 4 ounces less than...
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Sweeter than other Kombuchas, but good

It appears that Kombucha is taking over Whole Foods. There's one by our offices, so I'm there pretty frequently and keep seeing more Kombucha options spring up. This was a new one today (10/22/08) and it's great. Definitely sweeter than others that I've had, but very tasty.