Organic India Tulsi Tea Reviews


Nice warming tea

I am a big tea drinker and always like to try organic varieties. This is a bit pricey but I used  a very generous coupon and got two varieties to try: the plain tulsi flavor and the lemon ginger one. They are both very warming and aromatic. Tulsi in itself has a mild warming effect and a very discreet aroma. I actually like that it is not so strong tasting. The ginger one is more spicy and the combined effect of tulsi and ginger makes it great for winter. I like that neither is sweet tasting and has no added spices for taste. I like simple tastes and this tea hits the spot. I also tried a bag of the rose flavor, which is not really my thing, but tasted much better than I expected. Bottom...
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Really good, subtle flavor


Pros: Aromatic and subtle, not spicy, unlike other teas

Cons: none

It's very difficult to explain what I like about this "holy basil" tea but I am glad I stumbled upon it. It doesn't taste like tea, nor does it taste spicy like chai, nor smoky or sweet like rooibos. It has a subtle "herb" flavor I quite enjoy. It's stimulating and hearty but gentle.

Great with Homemade Cookies


Pros: refreshing and relaxing taste

Cons: This box contains caffeine, a bit expensive

We drink a lot of iced tea in my house, but we don't know much about tea and flavors. We stick to Lipton tea or homemade teas from cinnamon sticks. It was nice to try this new flavor  Chai Masala from Organic India Tulsi Tea. A nice hot cup of this stuff goes well with my homemade cookies. It has a nice refreshing, sweet and calming taste to it. As an iced tea it is even better. The price is a little higher than we are use to, but not much and I think it's worth it considering that its healthy for my family, the farmers that grow the tea and the environment. 

Pomegranate Green is lacking Pomegranate


Pros: Makes a nice iced tea

Cons: Lacking in the Pomegranate flavor

When I saw the name of this Tea I was expecting a fruity punch to it, but to me it tastes closer to a standard green tea w/ only a hint of Pomegranate.  It brews nicely and makes a great iced tea.  I was just disappointed in the lack of fruitiness.

Nice Tea

 The Organic India Tulsi Tea is quite good. I put mine over ice and it was delicious.

Good Tea for Good Soul


Pros: Orgainic, many flavor

Cons: none

I love that it meets all the eco standards -  win-win for sustainability and eco-consumerism. There are many yummy flavors and are all good! I like drinking a cup of tea that leads to makeing our world a better place.



Pros: delicious, deep flavor

Cons: expensive

Great aromatic qualities, deep flavor, and soothing affect. However, it is a bit pricey and may not be worth the extra money.

Wow! Unexpected.


Pros: Good flavor

Cons: Different than expected

I tried the Lemon Ginger variety.  I'm not a huge tea drinker and was not expecting what this tasted like.  It has a nice spicy flavor.  To me this was something new in a tea.  It made my tongue tingle and also made me want another drink.It wasn't so spicy that my 9y/o daughter couldn't drink it.  She just kept coming back saying "weird. Just one more drink."  So I think that is a positive review from her.This drink will warm you up in more than one way.