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Orange Mate Air Freshener


Pros: doesn't smell like a bunch of chemicals, mellows out pretty quickly

Okay, so...we got a bottle of the Orange Mate air freshener in the orange scent to replace this horrifyingly awful Febreeze spray.  Deej sprayed it in there to test it out after he came back from Whole Foods with it.  I walked in there about two minutes later (unaware that he'd replaced the air freshener) and it smelled like he'd been in there peeling oranges.  I actually looked in the trash can to see if there were orange peels in there....but there were no peels.  Just the old Febreeze.  Then about 5 seconds later, I noticed the new air freshener sitting on the counter.  Orange Mate.  Ah ha.


I actually really like the way it smells.  It helps that I like oranges.  It's a little intense at first.  But when I say that, it's really just as intense as the smell you get when...peeling an orange.  It softens pretty quickly and it's actually very effective.  The Febreeze smell used to make me a little ill when it would waft from the bathroom into the office.  But with the Orange Mate, it actually smells clean and fresh.


Plus it's in a recyclable aluminum container and it's made with biodegradable ingredients.  All in all, I'm a fan.  And I'll probably get one for my house too.

Orange Mate Air Freshener

As natural as fresh-picked citrus! Eliminate odors the natural way! The Orange-Mate family of all natural air fresheners and room deodorizers will freshen without leaving any unpleasant chemical odor. Available in 100% natural scents of orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. The Orange-Mate Mist Advantage: * Freshens the air without any artificial chemicals * Destroys odors - Does not just mask them * Made from the highest quality biodegradable citrus ingredients * Non-aerosol container carries no fluorocarbons, hydrocarbons or propellants * Unique spray system delivers a finer mist than most products to spread and circulate more efficiently * Works faster and lasts longer than perfumed chemical air fresheners Available in 2 convenient sizes: A handy 3.5oz. for storing in your car or desk and a large 7oz. size for household and commercial use.

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › Orange Mate Air Freshener