Oracle Organics Body Wash


Pros: smells great, feels great, foaming fun that the whole family loves!

Oracle Organics Body Wash is truly an amazing product.  Use it and you will smell like a million bucks.

The whole family uses it and we each have our own favorite scent.  I love the smell of my kids after they've taken their baths.  What's more, the foam is so fun!  It feels wonderful to use and the kids love the way it foams out of the bottle.  We're still trying to figure out how they do that in an organic body wash.  LOL Try it!  You won't be disappointed with this great aromatherapy foaming experience.

Oracle Organics Body Wash

Foaming organic body wash brings you our aromatherapy blends in an organic liquid soap form. Our gentle base is infused with organic aloe vera and really foams! As always they are free from any synthetic foaming agents or harsh chemicals for a true clean. Available in Awaken (orange and tangerine), Balance (lemon and lavender), Breathe (eucalyptus and peppermint), Clarify (citrus and lavender), Earth (douglas fir and vetiver), Organic Garden (rose gernanium and lavender), Purify (min and green tea), Renew (lavender).

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